Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Results for Monika's Summer TT Series #5

Even though the course was shortened by 3.2 miles; storms seemed to loom in the distance, as thunder taunted us; even though we had a friendly visit by the sheriff and a few of our signs were mowed down by an angry motorist. Even though....we still had 28 racers show up to say adieu to my race series for this season. Now all I can say is thank you to all who came to race and assisted Chris & I ( everything from loaning of signs to directing traffic to officiating and holding bikes )
In addition, my gratitude to all of our sponsors who were very generous in giving us some really nice merch and culinary delights! If you go to visit thier businesses, please let them know you appreciate thier support of bike racing in Iowa.
All together we can be proud to have awesome "grass-roots" racing in Iowa!

Here are the official results for Time Trial # 5:


1. Greg Duethman, ICCC, 14:36.08
2. Paul Deninger, Velo Sport, 14:49.94
3. Geoff Perrill & Darcy Sanford, ICCC,15:39.78
4. Mark Sorenson, ICCC, 15:50.96
5. Rob McKillip, HBA, 15:51.96
6. Wayne Fett, New Pi., 16:04.58
7. Daniel Galles, Atlas, 16:07.47
8. Conn Day, unatt., 16:19.59
9. Todd Papke, unatt., 16:44.45
10. Karen Stierler, Twisted Spoke, 16:44.77
11. Barry Carter, ICCC, 16:52.57
12. Jay Herman, New Pi., 17:16.13
13. Edward LaGrange, unatt., 17:23.20
14. Mike Merulla, ICCC, 17:29.01
15. Tobin Jacks, unatt., 17:39.45
16. Brent DeGeus, NewPi., 18:03.34
17. Paul Pursley, New Pi., 18:14.53
18. Paul Windschitl, unatt., 18:36.41
19. Cara Hamann, ICCC, 18:42.51
20. Tim Smith, unatt., 18:46.22
21. Mark Beglinger, unatt., 18.46.50
22. Megan Davis DeGeus, New Pi., 18:51.56
23. Cassandra Kessler, ICCC, 18:54.47
24. Darien Nagel-Gamm, ICCC, 19:43.45
25. Sarah Mugge, unatt., 19:43.56
26. Andrew Marsh, unatt., 19:57.08
27. Cabel Gray, New Pi., 20:36.58
28. Paige McKillip, unatt., 22:41.03

Men's Masters 40+

1. Greg Duethman, 14:36.08
2. Paul Deninger, 14:49.94
3. Todd Papke, 16:44.45
4. Tim Smith, 18.46.22

Men's Masters 50-60+

1. Mark Sorenson, 15:50.96
2. Wayne Fett, 16:04.58
3. Barry Carter, 16:52.57
4. Edward LaGrange, 17:23.20
5. Mike Merulla, 17:29.01

Men's Cat. 4:

1. Rob McKillip, 15:51.96
2. Jay Herman, 17:16.13

Men's Cat. 5:

1. Toby Jacks, 17:39.45
2. Andrew Marsh, 19:57.08
3. Cabel Gray, 20:36.58

Men's Breakaway:

1. Daniel Galles, 16:07.47
2. Brent DeGeus, 18:03.34
3. Paul Pursley, 18:14.53
4. Paul Windschitl, 18:36.41
5. Mark Belinger, 18:46.50

Women's Breakaway:

1. Cara Hamann, 18:42.51
2. Megan Davis DeGeus, 18:51.56
3. Cassandra Kessler, 18:54.47
4. Darien Nagel-Gamm, 19:43.45
5. Paige McKillip, 22:41.03

Women's Cat. 4:

1. Karen Stierler, 16:44.77
2. Sarah Mugge, 19:43.56


Geoff Perill/Darcy Sanford, 15:39.78

Thanks to All, see you next season!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Updates for todays time trial

If you did not get an opportunity to view my last post on bike Iowa, here is some important news. We are shortening the course due to very fresh chip seal on the last 90 degree turn before the five mile turnaround. it is too long of a stretch to sweep, and is deep to safely maneuver though. The course for today will be 6.8 mile in length. There is a short section of seal coat at about the 2 mile mark but this one is less hazardous, as it is on a straightaway. You should be aware that it exists however!

I have been closely following the weather for today. It looks like we will be fine up until around 5:00 pm. After that ther is a prediction of 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms. IF it is clear at registration/warm up time, we will proceed. If we do indeed get hit with the moving cell, I may call the race at that time. We will be there if it looks fine at the start. Hopefully it will miss us for once!

My cell phone is 319-936-7744 and I will try and keep you updated as best as I can. Cross your fingers!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This Tuesday is the Final race of the series

As summer comes to an end, so is my time trial series. Tuesday August 10th is the last installment. I would like to invite all of the past participants as well as those of you who for one reason or another could not make it to any of the other dates.

Here is a recap of the particulars:

Registration is at Dougherty Park on the south side of Lone Tree. registration opens at 5:30 and closes at 6:15.

Ten dollars to race. If you have a pre filled out registration form and a check or exact change, that helps me out a lot. If you do not have a current USAC racing licence you must pay an additional $10.

The start is two miles down Wapsi Avenue from the registration site, on 660th. First rider is off at 6:30.

The course is a total of 10 miles, mostly flat with corners. It is an out and back course with a turn around at the 5 mile mark. We mark the course in one mile increments.

For the winner of each category, we have a small prize. Anything from a six pack of beer or a cake to a tee-shirt. stick around afterwards if you can, even if you don't win your category.

We have a category for those without TT bars on your bike. That's to even the score!

I will be posting again just prior to the race, so keep in touch and hope to see you Tuesday evening for more fun racing.