Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Result's for time trial # 2

As Chris and I set up the course at 3:45pm the sun peeked out of the clouds and a slight but noticeable wind was beginning to pick up. By 4:45 when we rode the course, there were some very looming dark clouds to the north west, but it was still a distance away, not really a worry. By the time we finished our ride, which was 5:15, there were sheets of gray vertically coming out of those same clouds in the distant horizon.

We only had 14 racers participate in my second time trial. As they came to the registration table I heard stories of massive downpours, tree limbs in the road and people driving with their warning flashers on on the expressway. It never rained in Lone Tree.

Results for those with the good faith to show up. Thanks.

Overall results

22:40.27 Mark Sorenson, ICCC, Masters 40+
23:07.68 Rob McKillip, New Pioneer, Mens 4
23:49.50 Wayne Fett, New Pioneer, Masters 40+
24:40.05 Chris & Monika Martin, ICCC, Tandem
25:10.33 Barry Carter, ICCC, Masters 40+
25:46.05 Mark Considine, New Pioneer, Masters 40+
25:58.30 Kim West/Sue Cook, Zealous Racing, Tandem
27:41.24 Tobin Jacks, unatt., Masters 40+
29:38.76 Todd Brown, HBA, Masters 40+
29:43.26 Andrew Marsh, unatt., Mens 5
29:58.84 Shauna Dudley, unatt., Womens 4
32:20.42 Mike Beglinger, unatt., breakaway (mnt. bike!)

Thanks to Chris Jeffery, my dear friend and awesome turnaround official who also picked up all the signs and cones, and Mark Guthart for officiating even though life got in the way, as it does sometimes. Love ya both. ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The second in the Time Trial series is today

The weather is looking favorable for the second race in the series. I will take 74 degrees over 50 and with lower winds and only a 30% chance of showers, it is vastly improved over last months. So maybe you can surprise me with a better turnout!

Here are some reminders for maybe some of you visiting my blog for the first time.

Dougherty Park in beautiful Lone Tree Iowa is the registration site. Begginning at 5:30 and closing very promptly at 6:15, since Chris and I need a little warm up. :)

Admission is $10 dollars, checks can be made out to Monika's Time Trial Series, and please include an additional ten if you are not a holder of a current USAC cycling licence. We do accept cash as well. :)

The course is 2 miles down the road from the registration point and is 10 miles (16.09 k) in length. It is an out and back course with some turns and a slight upgrade near the turnaround point. The course will be marked in one mile increments. We will have a turnaround official, so hopefully no one will shoot right past the 5 mile mark. ;) or get flats. (that's for you Rob!)

You are encouraged to stick around afterward for a while while we compile results and enjoy refreshment.

Hope to see you spend 10. on 10 this evening!