Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Results and notes for the first time trial of the 2014 season

Thanks to the 25 racers that tried out the new, slightly tweaked course.  In my previous blog, I spoke of the new change forthcoming.  I am happy to get good feedback from that.  I am resistant to change, but in this particular case, I believe it actually improved our race experience.  For one, we have a nice one mile stretch to warm-up on, which was the start/finish prior.  How many of you felt that last mile of the old layout was really more like five; especially with a headwind on the return trip!  Also I like the rolling terrain and trees on the last mile before the turnaround. But most importantly, we will not be running a stop sign on the way out anymore.

Everyone did great, considering the evening was more like April than May.  55 degrees with some head and good crosswinds made us all dig a little deep!

Here is how we fared:

Men 1/2/3
Paul Deninger - Velosport  22:20.53
Rob McKillip - Goosetown/New Pi  25:05.88

Men Masters 40+
Henning Gerke - ICCC 23:22.03
Mark Sorenson - ICCC 23:42.09
Gerald Johnson - Rassmussen  23:50.98
John Stonebarger - Goosetown/New Pi  24:22.66
Keith Stone - LAPT.CC  24:23.63
Wayne Fett - Goosetown/New Pi  24:48.28
Matt Hartman - Goosetown/New Pi  24:58.08
Barry Carter - ICCC  25:11.91
Mike Merulla - ICCC 26:04.59
Tobin Jacks - Goosetown/New Pi 26:08.38
Norman Wellings - RS Tech/Grindstone Performance 32:27.70

Men 4/5
John Martinek - ICCC  25:11.70
John Burkle - Atlas  25:35.23
Michael Giudici - DICE  28:34.58
Todd Brown - 29:54.78

Men Breakaway
Andy McCann - Goosetown/New Pi  26:47.63
Andrew Lidral - 27:18.03
Gary Henry - Goosetown/New Pi  27:34.63
Brad Roark - ICCC  27:35.63
John Burge - Goosetown/New Pi  29:44.38

Women Masters 40+
Tara Coady - Goosetown/New Pi  28:22.20

Women 4/5
Shauna Dudley - 28:23.70

The Martins - ICCC  26:47.66

Thanks to all who came to race and support this time trial!  MANY thank yous to Rick Hopson & Poncho for morale boosting as well as turnaround assistance.  BIG THANKS to our sponsors:
Geoffs Bike & Ski
Bluebird Diner and Café
New Pioneer Coop
Café del Sol Roasting

Mark your Calendars for JUNE 10 for the next race in the series! 


Monday, May 12, 2014

May 13th is tomorrow, the first race in the 2014 series!

Just a reminder that we are on for tomorrow May 13,  rain or shine.  We will be out checking the course tonight.  Also a reminder that if you don't want to race, we can always use an extra hand!

I love vintage time trial photos!