Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Results for Time Trial #4 in the series is here!

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  After all the extreme heat of the past few weeks, we were truly blessed with ideal conditions for time trialing.  The breeze picked up slightly toward evening, but just enough to add some challenge and evaporate sweat. ;-)  Once again, we had 22 participating, including three tandems!  The times were a bit faster than previous dates by about 30 seconds by my estimation and, from the first in the series, (in April) by close to 1 to 2 minutes! Many racers had a personal record set last night. Congrats to all of you!  Since the State Championship is just around the bend,  my guess is that many are reaching their peak for the season.  The fastest time so far this series goes to Paul Deninger from yesterday's  race with a fabulous time of 22:47.29.  Prior to that Joe Nichols held it with a dangerously close time of 22:47.46. ( tt #2 in May).  We are talking splits here folks.  Then comes Mark Sorenson, a nemesis for many,  (I say that with a smile on my face) who is seconds behind these 2012 records with the times of: 22:50.52 (#3 tt), 22:52.34 (#2 tt) and 22:54.83 (#4 tt).     
Our next time trial #5 (Aug.14) will be after the State Time Trial Championships held in Nichols IA. on August 5th.  So the season is not over yet folks!

Here are the posted times for time trial #4 in the series:


1. Paul Deninger, 22:47.29  Am.Equity
2. Mark Sorenson, 22:54.83  ICCC
3. Jeff Barnes, 23:00.99  ICCC
4. Kelly Knutson, 23:15.38
5. The Martin's, 23:29.42  ICCC
6. Wayne Fett, 23:42.94  New Pioneer/Goosetown
7.  Doug Bottorff, 24:14.23  New Pioneer/Goosetown
8. Toby Jacks, 24:26.78
9. Barry Carter, 24:33.87  ICCC
10. Cook/West,  24:48.59  FCCT
11. Mark Beatty, 24:59.67  Twisted Spokes
12. Karen Stierler, 25:37.27  ICCC
13. Mike Merulla, 25:52.05  ICCC
14. Sarah Barber, 26:06.94  HBA Racing
15. Piper/Hess, 26:27.76
16. Kevin Light, 27:01.83
17. Shauna Dudley, 27:30.69
18. Piotr Starosta, 27:45.73
19. Chris Sorenson, 28:33.31
20. John Burge, 29:32.98  HBA Racing
21. Justin Torner, 30:25.59  ICCC
22. Martha Norbeck, 31:32.37

Mens 123

Paul Deninger, 22:47.29  Am. Equity

Mens Masters 40+

Mark Sorenson, 22:54.83  ICCC
Kelly Knutson, 23:15.38
Wayne Fett, 23:42.94  New Pioneer/Goosetown
Barry Carter, 24:33.87  ICCC
Mike Merulla, 25:52.05  ICCC

Mens 4

Doug Bottorff, 24:14.23 New Pioneer/Goosetown

Mens 5

Tobin Jacks, 24:26.78
Kevin Light, 27:01.83
Piotr Starosta, 27:45.73

Mens Breakaway

Jeff Barnes, 23:00.99  ICCC
Mark Beatty, 24:59.67  Twisted Spokes
Chris Sorenson, 28:33.31
John Burge, 29:32.98  HBA
Justin Torner, 30:25.59


The Martin's, 23:29.42  ICCC
Kim West/Sue Cook, 24:48.59  FCCT
Rob Piper/Lisa Hess, 26:27.76

Women 123

Karen Stierler, 25:37.27  ICCC

WomenMasters 40+

Martha Norbeck, 31:32.37

Women 4

Sarah Barber, 26:06.94  HBA
Shauna Dudley, 27:30.69

Many thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors, Geoff's Bike & Ski, New Pioneer Coop and Bluebird Diner!  As always, my gratitude goes to my official, Brian Abbott, who is always smiling and has a wonderful outlook on life... Cheers!  And for your steadfastness and friendship, Kudos to our turnaround official, Jason "poncho" Teggatz.

Good Luck at States everyone and if you need more practice, make it worth your while to go to Elkart IA, this Thursday for the Elkhart TT Series, presented by Zealous Racing, We will be there!

Hope all of you can come back on August 14th for the FINAL tt in the series!!!