Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Results for Monika's Summer TT Series #5

Even though the course was shortened by 3.2 miles; storms seemed to loom in the distance, as thunder taunted us; even though we had a friendly visit by the sheriff and a few of our signs were mowed down by an angry motorist. Even though....we still had 28 racers show up to say adieu to my race series for this season. Now all I can say is thank you to all who came to race and assisted Chris & I ( everything from loaning of signs to directing traffic to officiating and holding bikes )
In addition, my gratitude to all of our sponsors who were very generous in giving us some really nice merch and culinary delights! If you go to visit thier businesses, please let them know you appreciate thier support of bike racing in Iowa.
All together we can be proud to have awesome "grass-roots" racing in Iowa!

Here are the official results for Time Trial # 5:


1. Greg Duethman, ICCC, 14:36.08
2. Paul Deninger, Velo Sport, 14:49.94
3. Geoff Perrill & Darcy Sanford, ICCC,15:39.78
4. Mark Sorenson, ICCC, 15:50.96
5. Rob McKillip, HBA, 15:51.96
6. Wayne Fett, New Pi., 16:04.58
7. Daniel Galles, Atlas, 16:07.47
8. Conn Day, unatt., 16:19.59
9. Todd Papke, unatt., 16:44.45
10. Karen Stierler, Twisted Spoke, 16:44.77
11. Barry Carter, ICCC, 16:52.57
12. Jay Herman, New Pi., 17:16.13
13. Edward LaGrange, unatt., 17:23.20
14. Mike Merulla, ICCC, 17:29.01
15. Tobin Jacks, unatt., 17:39.45
16. Brent DeGeus, NewPi., 18:03.34
17. Paul Pursley, New Pi., 18:14.53
18. Paul Windschitl, unatt., 18:36.41
19. Cara Hamann, ICCC, 18:42.51
20. Tim Smith, unatt., 18:46.22
21. Mark Beglinger, unatt., 18.46.50
22. Megan Davis DeGeus, New Pi., 18:51.56
23. Cassandra Kessler, ICCC, 18:54.47
24. Darien Nagel-Gamm, ICCC, 19:43.45
25. Sarah Mugge, unatt., 19:43.56
26. Andrew Marsh, unatt., 19:57.08
27. Cabel Gray, New Pi., 20:36.58
28. Paige McKillip, unatt., 22:41.03

Men's Masters 40+

1. Greg Duethman, 14:36.08
2. Paul Deninger, 14:49.94
3. Todd Papke, 16:44.45
4. Tim Smith, 18.46.22

Men's Masters 50-60+

1. Mark Sorenson, 15:50.96
2. Wayne Fett, 16:04.58
3. Barry Carter, 16:52.57
4. Edward LaGrange, 17:23.20
5. Mike Merulla, 17:29.01

Men's Cat. 4:

1. Rob McKillip, 15:51.96
2. Jay Herman, 17:16.13

Men's Cat. 5:

1. Toby Jacks, 17:39.45
2. Andrew Marsh, 19:57.08
3. Cabel Gray, 20:36.58

Men's Breakaway:

1. Daniel Galles, 16:07.47
2. Brent DeGeus, 18:03.34
3. Paul Pursley, 18:14.53
4. Paul Windschitl, 18:36.41
5. Mark Belinger, 18:46.50

Women's Breakaway:

1. Cara Hamann, 18:42.51
2. Megan Davis DeGeus, 18:51.56
3. Cassandra Kessler, 18:54.47
4. Darien Nagel-Gamm, 19:43.45
5. Paige McKillip, 22:41.03

Women's Cat. 4:

1. Karen Stierler, 16:44.77
2. Sarah Mugge, 19:43.56


Geoff Perill/Darcy Sanford, 15:39.78

Thanks to All, see you next season!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Updates for todays time trial

If you did not get an opportunity to view my last post on bike Iowa, here is some important news. We are shortening the course due to very fresh chip seal on the last 90 degree turn before the five mile turnaround. it is too long of a stretch to sweep, and is deep to safely maneuver though. The course for today will be 6.8 mile in length. There is a short section of seal coat at about the 2 mile mark but this one is less hazardous, as it is on a straightaway. You should be aware that it exists however!

I have been closely following the weather for today. It looks like we will be fine up until around 5:00 pm. After that ther is a prediction of 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms. IF it is clear at registration/warm up time, we will proceed. If we do indeed get hit with the moving cell, I may call the race at that time. We will be there if it looks fine at the start. Hopefully it will miss us for once!

My cell phone is 319-936-7744 and I will try and keep you updated as best as I can. Cross your fingers!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This Tuesday is the Final race of the series

As summer comes to an end, so is my time trial series. Tuesday August 10th is the last installment. I would like to invite all of the past participants as well as those of you who for one reason or another could not make it to any of the other dates.

Here is a recap of the particulars:

Registration is at Dougherty Park on the south side of Lone Tree. registration opens at 5:30 and closes at 6:15.

Ten dollars to race. If you have a pre filled out registration form and a check or exact change, that helps me out a lot. If you do not have a current USAC racing licence you must pay an additional $10.

The start is two miles down Wapsi Avenue from the registration site, on 660th. First rider is off at 6:30.

The course is a total of 10 miles, mostly flat with corners. It is an out and back course with a turn around at the 5 mile mark. We mark the course in one mile increments.

For the winner of each category, we have a small prize. Anything from a six pack of beer or a cake to a tee-shirt. stick around afterwards if you can, even if you don't win your category.

We have a category for those without TT bars on your bike. That's to even the score!

I will be posting again just prior to the race, so keep in touch and hope to see you Tuesday evening for more fun racing.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Results for Time Trial #4

It was senior special day in Lone Tree, IA. that is, for time trialists over 50! I am pleased with the fantastic turn out, especially with the senior racers. I haven't counted, but we could of been in the majority for a change.

Special thanks and kudos goes to Kim West and Sue Cook who took the Tandem category, (sorry I was such a sore looser, think the heat effected my brain!) and John Adamson and Kathleen Porter for making the trek over.

In old news, Paul took first again. Dan "the Man" grabbed second and Rob "you keep geeting faster", took the third spot overall. Plus...we had TWO tied times.

Other mentions of fame: Karen Stierler's sweet time of 25:16 which was ninth overall. Geez Guys, talk about gettin "girled". ;^)
Will Schorg wins the "coolest rig" spot with his track fixie. Nice time for you too Will.

To everyone else, glad you could share my special day with me, it means a whole lot.


Overall results

1. Paul Denninger - Velo Sport - 22:01
2. Dan Shaffer - ICCC - 22:50
3. Rob McKillip - HBA - 23:44
4. Kim West/Sue Cook - Zealous - 23:50
5. Chris & Monika Matin - ICCC - 24:02!
6. Mark Sorenson - ICCC - 24:14
7. Wayne Fett - New Pi - 24:23
8. Conn Day - unatt. - 24:48
9. Karen Stierler - Twisted Spoke - 25:16
10. Barry Carter - ICCC - 25:17
11. Jay Herman - New Pi - 25:19
12. Todd Papke - unatt. - 25:21
13. John Adamson - Twisted Spoke - 25:33
14. Wes Hepker - unatt. - 25.42
15. Mark Beatty - Twisted Spoke - 25:52
16. Landon Beachy - Twisted Spoke - 25:56 tie
Mark Linton - 53x11 - 25:56 tie
17. Brent DeGeus - New Pi - 26:14
18. Will Schorg - unatt. - 26.17 (fixed gear)
19. Edward LaGrange - unatt. -27:01
20. Richard Gilmore - Twisted Spokes - 27:07
21. Paul Pursley - New Pi - 27:14
22. David Swanson - New Pi - 27:20
23. Toby Jacks - unatt. - 27:27
24. Cassandra Kessler - ICCC - 27:35 tie
Todd Brown - unatt. - 27:35 tie
25. Cabel Gray - New Pi - 27:36
26. Megan Davis-DeGeus - New Pi - 27:54
27. Craig Meacham (unatt.)/Amy Martin -ICCC - 28:00
28. Cara Hamann - ICCC - 28:07
29. Darien Nagle-Gamm - ICCC - 28:13
30. Kathleen Porter - Twisted Spoke - 28:52
31. Sara Swanson - ICCC - 29:12
32. Dave Reyolds - unatt. - 32:02
33. Rob Armstrong - unatt. - 33:26
34. Paige McKillip - unatt. - 33:56
35. Samantha Brown - unatt. - 34:22
36. Riley Martin - Jr. unatt. - 36:10

Women's 4

Karen Stierler 25:16
Megan Davis DeGeus 27:54

Women's Breakaway (Eddy Merckx)

Cassandra Kessler 27:35
Cara Hamann 28:07
Darien Nagel- Gamm 28:13
Kathleen Porter 28:52
Sara Swanson 29:12
Paige McKillip 33:56
Samantha Brown 34:22


Kim West/Sue Cook 23:50
Chris & Monika Martin 24:02
Craig Meacham/Amy Martin 28:00


Riley Martin 36:10

Men's 4

Rob McKillip 23:44
Jay Herman 25:19

Men's 40+

Paul Deninger 22:01
Todd Papke 25:21
Mark Linton 25:56

Men's 50+

Dan Shaffer 22:50
Mark Sorenson 24:14
Wayne Fett 24:23
Conn Day 24:48
Barry Carter 25:17
John Adamson 25:33
Landon Beachy 25:56
Edward LaGrange 27:01
Richard Gilmore 27:07

Men's 5

Wes Hepker 25:42
Brent DeGeus 26:14
Todd Brown 27:35
Rob Armstrong 33:26

Men's Breakaway (Eddy Merckx)

Mark Beatty 25:52
Will Schorg 26:17
Paul Pursey 27:14
David Swanson 27:20
Toby Jacks 27:27
Cabel Gray 27:36
Dave Reyolds 32:02

Next and final Time Trial in the series will be August 10th. Be there, or be square.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tonight is the night!

Gearing up for the fourth installment of Monika's Summer Time Trial Series. The fog will soon lift and so will our spirits. Looking forward to a fun night of fast racing with my buddies! Here is the weather forecast for Lone Tree: Looking quite favorable.

Remember I have that special out on the table; five bucks to race IF you are over 50+ (one day licence is still an additional 10.00)

I am hoping we have a nice turnout tonight, and you are able to perhaps "stick around" for post race funtimes.

Registration opens @ 5:30 and closes (yep, I mean that) at 6:15. I want to get a chance to warm up tonight :)

See you later...Gators

Friday, July 9, 2010

TIme Trial Time this Tuesday the 13th!!

Since I don't put the races on the same Tuesday every month, the next one is only a few days away. A lot of you will be travelling over to Clear Lake this weekend to do some fun racing. So I would like to remind everyone that the next race is coming up swiftly so it does not get forgotten in the excitement of the weekend.
This one will be very special. I will not falter on my original idea of discounting seniors. Five bucks will get you in if you are over 50. Proof of age required ;) It is my birthday gift to you.

Also...plan on joining Chris & I for some pizza and beverage post race, at the Sanctuary Pub. If you don't see yourself riding 10 miles as fast as you can, it's 'ok', come on down anyway. Since Chris & I run the show, we will probibly be the last to get there, so prepare a spot for us.

Other race details will be found in previous blog posts or visit ICCC's website.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Results for Monika's Time Trial Series #3

The "Weather Gods"were smiling favorably on all of us yesterday evening. The forecast went from a 40% chance of thundershowers to 10%. Albeit very hot and humid, the turnout was great. We had 36 participating, with a large Cedar Rapids contingent. They drove a very deluxe Motor Home over, which could of come in handy if it did storm.
We did not get the lightning, but in exchange we received a gift of fresh seal coat in patches on the road and in the first turn. I am positive it effected everyones times. Keep in mind, it is Iowa rural roads and to be expected unexpectedly!
Thanks to all who stuck around afterward to refresh and catch up. Kudos and thanks for all your help goes to our Chief Ref., Larry Howe and Brian Abott, asst. ref. To Will, who stepped in as turnaround assistant at the last minute to get my ass out of hot water. Stiegl for you when you come back again Will!

July 13 is the next Time Trial. I am celebrating the fact that on that precise day, my racing age will equal my real age. Plan on coming!

Here are the offical results:

Overall :

1. Paul Deninger 22:20.55 Velo Sport (cat.1)
2. Dan Shaffer 23:00.93 ICCC (master's 50+)
3. Mark Sorenson 23:50.71 ICCC(master's 50+)
4. Rob McKillip 24:06.03 HBA (cat.4)
5. Dan Swenson 24:28.25 HBA (cat.4)
6 Chris & Monika Martin 24:33.77 ICCC (tandem)
7 Wayne Fett 25:05.03 New Pi (master's 50+)
8. Conn Day 25:11.03 unatt. (master's 50+)
9. Jay Herman 26:03.10 New Pi (cat.4)
10. Mark Linton 26:06.61 53x11 coffee (cat.5)
11. Todd Papke 26:07.79 unatt. (master's 40+)
12. Mark Beatty 26:14.39 twisted spokes (men's breakaway)
13. Wesley Hepker 26:14.46 unatt. (cat.5)
14. Landon Beachy 26:22.61 twisted spokes (master's 50+)
15. Karen Stierler 26:34.64 twisted spokes (women's cat.4)
16. Trevor Wallis 26:37.67 ABRC (master's 70+)
17. Jamie Jorgenson 26:56.94 team skin (men's breakaway)
18. Barry Carter 26:59.09 ICCC (master's 50+)
19. Thomas Behne 27:31.94 Q7 cycling (men's breakaway)
20. Al Algood 27:39.20 New Pi (men's breakaway)
21. Brent DeGeus 27:45.50 New Pi (men's breakaway)
22. Nick Sobocinski 28:23.75 New Pi (men's breakaway)
23. Cabel Grey 28:29.65 New Pi (men's breakaway)
24. Todd Brown 28:35.22 unatt. (cat.5)
25. Brian Lentz 28:38.30 unatt. (cat.5
26. Megan Davis-DeGeus 28:39.31 New Pi. (women's breakaway)
27. Cassandra Kessler 28:51.83 ICCC (women's breakaway)
28. Cara Hamann 28:59.83 ICCC (cat.4)
29. Jennifer Parker 29:02.94 unatt. (cat.4)
30. Nicole Fiala 29:31.33 Velo Sport (women's breakaway)
31. Sara Swanson 30:24.57 ICCC (women's breakaway)
32. Jennifer Horn-Frasier 31:40.42 unatt. (women's breakaway)
33. Susan Sorenson 33.59.09 unatt. (women's breakaway)
34. Paige McKillip 36:14.00 unatt. (womwn's breakaway)
35. Samantha Brown 38:53.58 unatt. (women's breakaway)
36. Alyssa McKillip 39: 42. 72 unatt. (women's breakaway)

Men's 123 :

1. Paul Deninger 22:20.55

Men's cat. 4:

1. Rob McKillip 24:06.03
2. Dan Swenson 24:28.25
3. Jay Herman 26:03.10

Men's cat.5:

1. Mark Linton 26:06.61
2. Wesley Hepker 26:14.46
3. Todd Brown 28:35.22
4. Brian Lentz 28:38.30

Men's Breakaway:

1. Mark Beatty 26:14.39
2. Jamie Jorgenson 26:56.94
3. Thomas Behne 27:31.94
4. Al Algood 27:39.20
5. Brent DeGeus 27:45.50
6. Nick Sobocinski 28:23.75
7. Cabel Gray 28:29.65

Men's Master's:

1. Dan Shaffer 23:00.93
2. Mark Sorenson 23:50.71
3. Wayne Fett 25:05.03
4. Conn Day 25:11.03
5. Todd Papke 26:07.79
6. Landon Beachy 26:22.61
7. Trevor Wallis 26:37.67
8. Barry Carter 26:59.09


1. Chris & Monika Martin 24:33.77

Women's cat.4:

1. Karen Stierler 26:34.64
2. Cara Hamann 28:59.83
3. Jennifer Parker 29:02.94

Women's breakaway:

1. Megan DeGeus 28:39.31
2. Cassandra Kessler 28:51.83
3. Nicole Fiala 29:31.33
4. Sara Swanson 30:24.57
5. Jennifer Horn-Frasier 31:40.42
6. Susan Sorenson 33.59.9
7. Paige McKillip 36:14.0
8. Samantha Brown 38:53.58
9. Alyssa McKillip 39:42.72

Thanks for coming! Next two races are July 13th and August 10th.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today's Time Trial is on!


some particulars for those who are just visiting the site:

Time trial is in Lone Tree and begins in Dougherty Park on the far side of town. Registration opens at 5:30 and closes promptly at 6:15 (so Chris and I can race too!) Out and back course, 5 miles out, 5 back. Flat, with corners. ten dollars for the race, and 10 if you need a one day licence.

I have a map on a previous blog post below for your perusal.'s the dope. Weather has generally been rainy, wet and humid. Life still happens. It also happens that we must go on with our show. It will be hot today. If it does rain it will feel ok. Winds should be low, if it is not storming. I will NOT start the race if it is too inclement. we will wait it out if possible. I'm having a "show up and see" attitude. Last race it looked like rain also, turned out ok. Give it a shot.

Hope to see you all again. any questions, i will be checking my e-mail and facwebook periodically today.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Results for Monika"s Time Trial Series #2

Thanks so much for coming out to race and trusting the weather to keep us dry. The clouds looked a little surly, but the weatherman claimed only a 10% chance by 6:00pm. Seemed like all of us were ready to ride, no matter what was in store. We had some out of town guests as well. Thanks to the mostly Rev. Kim and his charming "female companion" Sue, for making the trek from DesMoines, inspite of daunting conditions! Sorry about Pancheros..."when in Rome..."

All in all kinda tough conditions...very chilly...some wind..burrrrrrr

Here's our RESULTS:

May 11 Results Overall
01. 21:49.90 - Paul Deninger, Velosport Racing (Cat 1)
02. 23:11.08 - Andrew Fagersten, Bikes To You / World of Bikes (Cat 2)
03. 23:33.65 - Mark Sorenson, ICCC (Masters 40/50)
04. 23:40.71 - Rob McKillip, HBA Racing (Cat 4)
05. 24:18.33 - Conn Day, Two Bee Racing (Masters 40+)
06. 24:24.72 - Chris Martin/Monika Martin, ICCC (Tandem)
07. 24:42.82 - Kim West/Sue Cook, Goodtimes Racing (Tandem)
08. 24:46.09 - Dan Galles, Atlas Cycling (Mens Breakaway)
09. 24:51.09 - Kevin Tempel, Bikes To You / World of Bikes (Cat 3)
10. 25:01.45 - Barry Carter, ICCC (Masters 40/50)
11. 25:11.21 - Wayne Fett, Goosetown Racing (Masters 40/50)
12. 25:22.76 - Garett Lee, Unattached (Cat 5)
13. 25:39.02 - Rick Hopson, ICCC (Mens Breakaway)
14. 26:55.37 - Landon Beachy, Twisted Spokes (Masters 40+)
15. 27:52.65 - Jaci Grafenberg, Unattached (Women Cat 4)
16. 28:44.02 - Jennifer Parker, Unattached (Women Cat 4)
17. 29:23.58 - Todd Brown, Unattached (Cat 5)
18. 29:25.14 - Cassandra Kessler, ICCC (Womens Breakaway)
19. 29:29.03 - Darien Nagle-Gamm, ICCC (Womens Breakaway)
20. 29:33.25 - Andrew Marsh, Unattached (Cat 5)
21. 29:35.27 - Trisha DeWall, ICCC (Womens Breakaway)
22. 30:01.53 - Nicole Fiala, Velosport Racing (Womens Breakaway)

Men’s Category 1,2,3
01. 21:49.90 - Paul Deninger, Velosport Racing (Cat 1)
02. 23:11.08 - Andrew Fagerstein, Bikes To You / World of Bikes (Cat 2)
03. 24:51.09 - Kevin Tempel, Bikes To You / World of Bikes (Cat 3)

Men’s Category 4
01. 23:40.71 - Rob McKillip, HBA Racing (Cat 4)

Men’s Category 5
01. 25:22.76 - Garett Lee, Unattached (Cat 5)
02. 29:23.58 - Todd Brown, Unattached (Cat 5)
03. 29:33.25 - Andrew Marsh, Unattached (Cat 5)

Men’s Breakaway
01. 24:46.09 - Dan Galles, Atlas Cycling (Mens Breakaway)
02. 25:39.02 - Rick Hopson, ICCC (Mens Breakaway)

Men’s Masters
01. 23:33.65 - Mark Sorenson, ICCC (Masters 40/50)
02. 24:18.33 - Conn Day, Two Bee Racing (Masters 40/50)
03. 25:01.45 - Barry Carter, ICCC (Masters 40/50)
04. 25:11.21 - Wayne Fett, Goosetown Racing (Masters 40/50)
05. 26:55.37 - Landon Beachy, Twisted Spokes (Masters 40/50)

Women’s Category 4
01. 27:52.65 - Jaci Grafenberg, Unattached (Women Cat 4)
02. 28:44.02 - Jennifer Parker, Unattached (Women Cat 4)

Women’s Breakaway
01. 29:25.14 - Cassandra Kessler, ICCC (Womens Breakaway)
02. 29:29.03 - Darien Nagle-Gamm, ICCC (Womens Breakaway)
03. 29:35.27 - Trisha DeWall, ICCC (Womens Breakaway)
04. 30:01.53 - Nicole Fiala, Velosport Racing (Womens Breakaway)

01. 24:24.72 - Chris Martin/Monika Martin, ICCC (Tandem)
02. 24:42.82 - Kim West/Sue Cook, Goodtimes Racing (Tandem)

I am very grateful for the continued help of Brian Abbott (Bike holder extrordinaire) and Kevin & Anthony Westman (turnaround masters!) Kudos and applause to our Chief Offical, Mr. Mark Guthart. Keep posted on this Blog for more comments and news about this series.

Thanks again everyone, hope to see MORE of you for the next three upcoming races; June 22nd, July 13th & August 10th.

Results for Monika's Summer Time Trial Series #2

Monday, May 10, 2010

Loan Tree TT Series - Google Maps

Lone Tree TT Series - Google Maps

Tomorrow is Time Trial #2!

Reminders for tomorrows Time Trial:

Registration opens at 5:30pm and closes 6:15 at Dougherty Park in Lone Tree. The first rider is off at 6:30. If you do not have a USAC licence you may purchase a one day for $10.00. The cost of admission is $10. for ten miles of Time Trialing! Juniors are in for 5 bucks. (see blog below)

The weather is looking favorable. Rain is forcasted to cease around 3:30 or so. Sun should be peeking out by the time we line up. even though the temps are coolish, nothin like a hard effort to warm you up. So will you join me? It is rumored that we will have the pleasure of the presence of Grandpa Kim and his "female companion", and others from the land of DesMoines.

Just a few things:

~Let me know if you are on a non-time trial rig. I will put you in the breakaway or "Eddy Merckx" (as it is often called) catagory. I don't always know what kind of bike you are on.

~ There are prizes, so if you win a catagory, you must be present to take it home. I will not deliver to your doorstep.

SO...looking forward to seeing all of you from last TT, and those of you who could not make it!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Next Tuesdays' Time Trial

Welcome back!

As I am focused on another exciting Time Trial in Lone Tree next Tuesday, I have some thoughts to share with all of you.

Next tuesday is my Great Dane, Apollo's 6th Birthday. To celebrate, all junior racers get half off of the entry fee. What do juniors have to do with Apollo? I wish he was still a "junior" but sadly he is a "senior". Don't worry, I will have a "senior" special on my birthday, which is in July!

At the last TT, which was held in April, dusk came early. Many that rode out to race left at races end to beat the ensuing darkness. As that is very wise, a few of you missed your prizes. We have some nice ones worth hanging out for in my opinion. Such as coffee from Cafe del Sol, gift bags fron Q7 Cycling & 30th Century Bikes, baked goods from the New Pioneer Coop, gift certificates to Bluebird Diner, etc... We strive to get those results back ASAP, so hang out with your friends, and chill. Dusk will arrive much later this time!!

As always, any suggestions or comments are welcome and encouraged...Put us on your calendar and hope to race with you next Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Results for Monika's Summer T.T. #1

What a perfect night for racing. We actually had a tied time for Paul and Chad, wow. Many thanks to ALL who turned out for the Time Trial series last night. It was great to see your faces, even though the sun was in my eyes! Thanks to all who assisted: Brett Griggs, Brian Abbott, Kevin Westman and his charming Son. Oh... I should thank my husband, Chris, who has put up with my craziness the last few weeks. A lot of fun out there and as Kim Eppen put it "$10 bucks gets you 10 miles of pain" Or gain!

Here are the official results:

Women 41st - Cara Hamann - 28:14:90

Women Breakaway
1st - Kim Eppen - 25:38:20
2nd - Sandy Kessler - 27:51:70
3rd - Lisa DeShano - 28:13:80
4th - Darian Nagle Gamm - 29:51:80
5th - Sara Swanson - 30:12:00
6th - Susan Sorenson - 34:58:90

1st - Chris & Monika Martin - 23:51:90

Men 123
1st - Paul Denninger - 21:53:80
1st - Chad Bishop - 21:53:80
3rd - Brian Eppen - 22:43:00

Men 4
1st - Rob McKillip - 23:56:90
2nd - Kevin McConnell - 24:42:80

Men 5
1st - Conn Day - 24:57:90
2nd - Mark Beatty - 25:20:20
3rd - Sean McKay - 26:34:60

4th - Scott Birney - 27:15:00
5th - Eric Jensen - 27:26:90
6th - Todd Brown - 30:13:40

Men Breakaway
1st - Matias Perret - 24:23:80

Men 40+
1st - Jeff Barnes - 23:02:00
2nd - Mark Sorenson - 23:56:10
3rd - Wayne Fett - 24:52:90
4th - Richard Gilmore - 26:23:70
5th - Landon Beachy - 26:37:50
6th - Gary Henry - 26:55:40

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuesdays coming fast, heres more info...

As we approach the April 20th date, I have some information to share with you.

We have yet one more sponsor of prizes, New Pioneer Co-op has graciously agreed to help us out with prizes. Thanks goes to Theresa Carbrey for her support!

As I rode through Lone Tree On Saturday, I realized there are infact two parks! The park with the army tank is not where we are registering, ours is on the other side of town!

The course is marked in one mile increments, with half mile marks before the turn around and finish.

Registration opens at 5:30 and closes at 6:15. First rider off at 6:30.

Tuesdays forecast calls for 72 balmy degrees, partly cloudy, with only 10% chance of showers. I'll take that forecast any day! Hope to see you there.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Saying thanks...

Welcome again,

Just a few new things to note . We are fortunate to include a few more new supporters/sponsors to this race event.

Harriet from the LEAF kitchen will bestow home made goodies upon us. 30th Century Bicycle has also come forward to help us out. Steve and Cody you ROCK! And....Q7 Cycling is also a sponsor. How good is that?

Thanks so much everyone. Please throw some business thier way as they are generous to us racers!

On another note; Chris & I were discussing the series yesterday while enjoying great weather on our deck. Some have inquired as to why only 10 miles for the length of the race. I believe it is a good midweek length for training. However, you can always race it twice. Keep in mind that there will be two entry fees if this is your choice. You could mix it up and race once with your Road bike and then with the TT bike. We do have a breakaway catagory. How punishing is that? ;)

Talk to you soon,


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting my Blogspot. Things are coming right along with this exciting time-trial series.

Sponsors are rolling in as the road race season is already underway. As the first date approaches, which is Tuesday, April 20th, I will be filling you all in on various details and answering any questions you may have. Always feel free to contact me either directly or through my blogspot.

A big thanks to Geoff's Bike & Ski and to Tommy and John at Bluebird Diner for stepping up and being the first sponsors. I see beer/wine and yummy food in our futures!

I decided to have this race "happen" to help us train efficiently for some of the bigger weekend races and dates this season. I have always loved grass-roots racing. My goal is to help fill our schedule with fun training races that will benefit all of us(no matter what club) in the end.

that's all for now..filling you in as the days progress.



Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monika’s 2010 Summer Time Trial Series
Presented by Iowa City Cycling Club

First rider off at 6:30 pm
Entry Fee: $10
Prizes: Merchandise, usually food and beverages
Dates: Tuesdays; April 20, May 11, June 22, July 13, August 10

Course 10 miles, out and back, mostly flat with a very slight grade near the turn around.

Rules All USAC rules apply and a helmet is required at all times. The course is open to traffic and the centerline rule is always in effect, including during warm-up. Race is on, rain or shine. Promoter may decide to delay start time due to severe weather in order to insure rider safety.

Directions From I-80, exit 239 south on 218 to Hwy 22 exit to Riverside Casino. East on Hwy 22 to Lone Tree. South on Wapsi Ave. into Lone Tree. Registration is at Dougherty Park on the south edge of Lone Tree.

Registration On-site registration only. $10 registration for all categories. No late fee. Registration opens at 5:30 . Non-USAC riders are required to purchase a 1 day USAC license ($10) Checks accepted.

Categories Women’s 123, Women’s 4, Women’s Breakaway, Men’s 123, Men’s 4, Men’s 5, Men’s 40+, Men’s Breakaway, Juniors, Tandem

For more information e-mail Monika Martin at or

USAC Permit #2010-783