Monday, May 10, 2010

Tomorrow is Time Trial #2!

Reminders for tomorrows Time Trial:

Registration opens at 5:30pm and closes 6:15 at Dougherty Park in Lone Tree. The first rider is off at 6:30. If you do not have a USAC licence you may purchase a one day for $10.00. The cost of admission is $10. for ten miles of Time Trialing! Juniors are in for 5 bucks. (see blog below)

The weather is looking favorable. Rain is forcasted to cease around 3:30 or so. Sun should be peeking out by the time we line up. even though the temps are coolish, nothin like a hard effort to warm you up. So will you join me? It is rumored that we will have the pleasure of the presence of Grandpa Kim and his "female companion", and others from the land of DesMoines.

Just a few things:

~Let me know if you are on a non-time trial rig. I will put you in the breakaway or "Eddy Merckx" (as it is often called) catagory. I don't always know what kind of bike you are on.

~ There are prizes, so if you win a catagory, you must be present to take it home. I will not deliver to your doorstep.

SO...looking forward to seeing all of you from last TT, and those of you who could not make it!


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