Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Results for the third Time Trial on June12th

We couldn't of asked for better weather for last nights race. The temps were mild and in the 70's, there was sunshine and blue sky's. It was a bit breezy however, but what would one expect for a time trial out on county roads? Truthfully, I was a little disappointed with the turnout. I was hoping more racers would show up to make the crippled lady smile. oh well...I am pleased that those who did race had a good time and happy once again to host the "little race with a lot of soul".
Here are the official results:

By Category

Men 123

Chris Martin 27:10.44 ICCC

Men Masters 40+

Mark Sorenson 22:50.52 ICCC
John Stonebarger 23:05.47 MBRC
Kelly Knutson 23:59.28
Wayne Fett 24:02.35 New Pi
Barry Carter 24:58.14 ICCC
Mike Merulla 25:32.65 ICCC
Gary Henry 27:17.82 New Pi

Men 5

Tobin Jacks 24:54.19
Chris O'Hara 27:41.21
Justin Turner 33:46.32 ICCC

Men Breakaway

Paul Deninger 23:37.78 Am. Equity
Henning Gerke 24:42.63 ICCC
Ben Anderson 26:11.71 ICCC
John Burge 29:22.77 HBA

Women 123

Karen Stierler 24:56.97 ICCC

Womens Masters 40+

Tara Cody 27:53.40
Susan Sorenson 34:25.15

Women 4

Sarah Barber 27:07.45
Shauna Dudley 27:44.89

Women Breakaway

Martha Norbeck 31:44.01


Kim West/Sue Cook 25:07.69 FCCT


1. Mark Sorenson 22:50.52
2. John Stonebarger 23:05.47
3. Paul Deninger 23:37.78
4. Kelly Knutson 23:59.28
5. Wayne Fett 24:02.35
6. Henning Gerke 24:42.63
7. Tobin Jacks 24:54.19

8. Karen Stierler 24:56.97
9. Barry Carter 24:58.14
10. Kim West/Sue Cook 25:07.69
11. Mike Merulla 25:32.65
12. Ben Anderson 26:11.71
13. Sarah Barber 27:07.45
14. Chris Martin 27:10.44

15. Gary Henry 27:17.82
16. Chris O'Hara 27:41.21
17. Shauna Dudley 27:44.89
18. Tara Cody 27:53.40
19. John Burge 29:22.77
20. Martha Norbeck 31:44.01
21. Justin Turner 33:46.32
22. Susan Sorenson 34:25.15

Thanks to all who came out to race, volunteer and officiate!
We are all grateful to our sponsors for this race; Geoff's Bike & Ski, Best Case Wines, BlueBird Diner & New Pioneer Coop. Special thanks to the pastry department at New Pi for their excellent offerings!

See you on July 1oth!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time Trial number three is just around the corner

Tuesday, June 12th is the next race.   I am up and at em, at least in the everyday world.  Not yet racing, but working on that.  I will be at the time trial on Tuesday to help register everyone and give Brian, our official, some assistance.

 I hope that those of you who raced this weekend at Grinell and/or Galena will try the race "on for size" if you never have.  If Tuesday traditionally is your group night ride, maybe deviate from the ordinary routine and do a really intense interval.  :-)   If you are new to racing or a triathlete, I welcome you with open arms.  Please let me know at sign up if this is your first time.

I try to make this a race worth going to in a lot of ways.  We have some fun prizes which are donated with love from local businesses, such as Bluebird Diner, New Pioneer Coop, Geoff's Bike and Ski.... and there are typically refreshments for everyone post race while results are being tabulated.  The site of the race is terrific.  the outhouse in the park is the only part I wish I could change.  But least there is one. We have a TANDEM category.  We have a women's MASTER category.  Those are two things I hope more races have in place in the future!  The cost is inexpensive compared to most races which cost  $15-35.  or more if it is a big race with lots of cash prizes.  And..then there is the course, short but technical with turns and corners thrown in for fun.  We now have a sheriff on board for your safety, thanks to Mark Guthart.

So make this a monthly training ritual.  Support Grass Roots Racing!!