Monday, March 9, 2015

2014 was the last for this series

I have been getting a few emails asking for dates for the Time Trial series.  I thought it fair to fill those of you who actually follow this blog for correct info regarding the continuation of this race series.
My family and I are planning a move across the country sometime mid summer 2015.  Therefore, I have chosen to end this series.  I will not have the energy and time to put on a series race such as this.  As it now stands, I have not been on my bike very much, if at all.
I apologize for any disappointment that this news brings.  I hope that all of you find good racing and training this season. 
The time trial series in Elkhart Iowa is still a go and I strongly suggest getting over to the Des Moines  area and giving it a try.  Chris and I have done the times trials there many times and we found it worth the trip.
Please check the IBRA schedule for other races in the state of Iowa.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all your support over the last 5 years!  I've learned a lot about promoting and time trialing!

until we meet again...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Results and thoughts on the final time trial of the 2014 season

It went too fast.  I am not speaking of the 23 racers who I had the chance to greet at the turnaround, I am talking about the season.  Our winter reached into our spring; spring into summer and now leaves are beginning to fall.  A lot of us are focusing on the cross racing season ahead.  And, as predicted, the  Lone Tree junior football kids and their parents came to the park while I was registering riders.  They were NOT happy with us being there.  Had I not postponed the race from two weeks ago,  we would of had the shelter to ourselves with no hassle.  I just thought I would shake things up a bit and crossover into community!  All of this because of chip seal.  Riding and life is a give and take.  If you want the awesome tt course you need to figure because their is little traffic, it will get chip sealed in August

Here are the results for the last race of the season:

Men 1/2/3

Paul Deninger  Velo Sport  22:57.80 **
Rob McKillip   New Pi/Goosetown  24.49.13

Men Masters  aka. the old guys

Matt Hartman  New Pi/Goosetown  24:06.31 *
Mike Merulla   ICCC  24:41.45 *
Wayne Fett   New Pi/Goosetown  24:31.38
Mark Considine  New Pi/Goosetown  24:56.45
Gary Henry   New PI/Goosetown  25:26.45 *
Larry Hallstrom  25:43.13
Robert Hayes  Melon City  29:29.13

Men's Breakaway  aka. no time trial stuff/ equipment

John Stonebarger  New Pi/Goosetown  24:13.45
Mark Sorenson  ICCC  25:47.13
Andrew Lidral   26:10.95 *
Brad Roark  ICCC  26:11.84 *
John Burge  28:24.53 *
Scott Greener  29:50.73

Men 4/5

John Martinek  ICCC  24:33.03 *
Shawn Meaney  NewPi/Goosetown  27:28.59
Tyler Cowman  27:29.03
Todd Brown  28:21.16  *

Women 4

Tara Coady  New Pi/Goosetown  27:57.78 *
Sue Tackabury  28:35.88

Womens Breakaway

Alijah Beatty  ICCC  28:08.88


Zoe Meaney  New Pi/Goosetown  36:31.13

** denotes fastest time
*   denotes seasons best time

Thanks to all my sponsors, Geoffs Bike & Ski,  Bluebird Diner & Café,  New Pioneer Coop, Café del Sol Roasting.  Please frequent our sponsors and let them know how awesome they are for helping us out!

Apologies to Alijah who was not mentioned as a winner at the final TT.  You were listed under Womens 4 instead of Womens Breakaway.  I owe you a ice cream!

Best of Luck to all of you who will be participating in the State Time Trial Competition in Nichols Iowa on Sunday the 31st!

See You Next Season!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Time trial Cancelled for tomorrow, RESCHEDULED for August 26th

After talking to a few people and working this out in my head, I have decided to cancel the race for tomorrow.   I have rescheduled the race for August the 26th. 

I have thought about it and the gravel stretches are too long for a 10 mile time trial. In total out and back we are looking at 10 stretches.  It could potentially be too dangerous for those who are not accustomed to riding fast on a loose surface.  I have had to reschedule in the past due to inclement weather. As this is always a difficult decision to make, it must be made for the safety of those participating.  I hope many of you can make it over on that evening.  Please know that because this date falls in the school year, we may experience some issues with parking at the park.  If so we may direct you to the High School lot down the street.  For now I have my fingers crossed!

Please let others know who may not follow this blogger or my FB page about the change in date.

Thanks very much for your understanding and my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Course conditions for my Time Trial tomorrow

This morning I went to check my course after receiving an e-mail about fresh chip seal on several straightaways.  I like to check these things as close to the race date as possible since one year I went over on the weekend to inspect and all was fine. The very next day, which was the Monday before the race,  they had laid down chip seal in several corners.  In that case I had to cut the race short by several miles.

What I found Today was exactly this:  Five stretches of seal coat on anywhere from 100 feet to 200 feet of road.  Three were on the first straightaway after the sweeping corner at the start.  Those were approximately 100-150 ft. in length.  After mile 3, there are two fairly long stretches, one on a small hill.  I am guessing they laid this stuff either Friday or Saturday.  It has not seen a lot of vehicle traffic over it, which is why it is still fairly loose.  There is NONE in any of the corners.

This is where I am at with this right now.  I think it would be fine if you didn't mind maybe selecting a different bike for the race, if you feel uncomfortable riding on peat gravel.  I agree with a few that a time trial bike may not be optimal for these conditions.  Quite frankly I am still on the fence as to whether it should be rescheduled or not. 

I will see if I can so please stay tuned.  either way I will announce on Bike Iowa, here and the ICCC website.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Results for the third race in the series

We had a typical number of racers show up for a not so typical day in July.  The weather was near perfect.  Upper 70's with a blue puffy cloud sky and some wind to add challenge.  Nothing remarkable happened; no record breaking times or mishaps.  We did have one Junior (Anthony Hamm) traveling from Ottumwa. This was his first race ever! Well Done!  We had another Junior (Willie Oxley) who rode in the Men's category. Great job Willie passing your minute person, which was me!  We always have a great showing of  Men Masters.  As one remarked "this could be called the old mans race."  And why not?  Except for the fact that there are always a few of us women racers who pin the number on and test their strength and stamina. I might add that riding my single non-aero bike gives me respect for all who give this their best shot. 
 Thanks for showing up to race on the beautiful July evening!

Men Masters
Mark Sorenson  ICCC  23:32.91
Wayne Fett  New Pi/Goosetown  24:08.31
Mike Merulla  ICCC  24:35.41
Tobin Jacks  New Pi/Goosetown  24:50.87
Gary Henry  New Pi/Goosetown  25:26.66
Barry Carter  ICCC  25:30.41
Bob Hayes  Harpers  29:06.73

Men 4/5
John Martinek  ICCC  24:36.41
Eric Hamm  27:05.62
Michael Giudici  Dice  27:21.44
Todd Brown  29:29.81

Men Breakaway
Andrew Lidral  26:28.06
Brad Roark  ICCC  27:10.91
Ian Fink  27:19.16
Landon Beachy  Twisted Spoke  27:38.41
Paul Windschitl  28:19.91
John Burge  New Pi/ Goosetown  28:32.06
Willie Oxley  New Pi/Goosetown  29:20.37

Woman's 4
Heather Maher  New Pi/ Goosetown  31:53.66

Women Breakaway
Ingrid Anderson  ICCC  28:09.73
Robin Hayward  ICCC 29:57.83
Monika Martin  ICCC 30:43.26

Anthony Hamm  32:28.34

Once again and always, a big thank you goes to our people who help me keep the race series going:
Larry Howe, Jason Teggatz and Rick Hopson for race assistance; Our sponsors, Geoff's Bike and  Ski, New Pioneer Co-op, Bluebird Diner and Café del Sol Roasting

Mark your calendars the FINAL race will be August 12th!
until then keep posted on  IBRA, Bike Iowa and the Iowa City Cycling Club website.


Monday, July 7, 2014

flooding not a factor, so on with the race.

After the busy 4th of July festivities, I knew it was time to get back to business.  The first thing on my agenda was to take a ride and check out flood damage to the course.  I also must admit, I was pretty sure there was going to be water somewhere over the road especially after seeing flood warnings on the Weather Channel banner stating the Iowa River going over in Lone Tree.

As we did see a lot of flooding, there was no water over any roadway that would effect the race.  However if you ride up from Iowa City you may already be aware that Sand road is closed from Hills intersection to Hwy. 22. 

The race is on and I hope that Mother Nature will decide that we have enough water for now.  The only water I want is in my bottle, nice and cold, pre race!   

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Results for the second time trial, some venting and some cheering. This is a Blogspot.

It was one of those days when I looked at the radar on my I-pad every hour to find out how the evening race might fare.  Much cooler temperatures and the possibility of thundershowers steered most away.  Also, unknown to me, (I need to read my bikeiowa e-mails) a time trial on Sunday, took a few of my regulars.  That's my vent part.
Nevertheless, those who did race with questionable evening skies looming seemed happy to be there. YES happy to be there, and all did well.  Some took great lengths to attend.  One flying in (on a plane) just hours prior, a few riding down from Iowa City, and most just rushing post work in their cars to get there on time, registered and warmed up.  Thank you.
65 degrees, slight drizzle and stronger evening winds, ever changing, pushing in a shower is what our conditions were.  Here is what we did given that:

Men 1/2/3
Rob McKillip   NewPi/Goosetown  24:19.03

Men Masters
Henning Gerke   ICCC  22:43.95
John Stonebarger  New Pi/Goosetown  23:33.56
Wayne Fett  New Pi/Goosetown  24:23.85
Mike Merulla  ICCC  25:24.99

Men 4/5
John Martinek  ICCC  24:37.35

Men Breakaway
Brian Eppen  ICCC  22:43.20
Jeff Barnes  ICCC  24:20.56
Andrew Lidral  27:18.81
Joe Brennan  New Pi/Goosetown  28:18.85

Woman Masters
Tara Coady  New Pi/Goosetown  28:21.60

Woman 4
Shauna Dudley  27:35.63
Heather Maher  New Pi/Goosetown  33:26.49

Woman Breakaway
Kim Eppen  ICCC  26:53.38
Ingrid Gronstal  ICCC  29:41.60
Monika Martin  ICCC  31:00.42

Thanks again and always to the people who help make this happen; namely,  Jason Teggetz, Larry Howe, and Doc Hopson, who's shadow I did see at turnaround.

Be sure and support our terrific sponsors:  Geoff's,  Bluebird Diner/Café,  New Pioneer Co-op & Café del Sol Roasting.

Our next race is JULY  8  Hope to see all who came today and some others!