Friday, August 29, 2014

Results and thoughts on the final time trial of the 2014 season

It went too fast.  I am not speaking of the 23 racers who I had the chance to greet at the turnaround, I am talking about the season.  Our winter reached into our spring; spring into summer and now leaves are beginning to fall.  A lot of us are focusing on the cross racing season ahead.  And, as predicted, the  Lone Tree junior football kids and their parents came to the park while I was registering riders.  They were NOT happy with us being there.  Had I not postponed the race from two weeks ago,  we would of had the shelter to ourselves with no hassle.  I just thought I would shake things up a bit and crossover into community!  All of this because of chip seal.  Riding and life is a give and take.  If you want the awesome tt course you need to figure because their is little traffic, it will get chip sealed in August

Here are the results for the last race of the season:

Men 1/2/3

Paul Deninger  Velo Sport  22:57.80 **
Rob McKillip   New Pi/Goosetown  24.49.13

Men Masters  aka. the old guys

Matt Hartman  New Pi/Goosetown  24:06.31 *
Mike Merulla   ICCC  24:41.45 *
Wayne Fett   New Pi/Goosetown  24:31.38
Mark Considine  New Pi/Goosetown  24:56.45
Gary Henry   New PI/Goosetown  25:26.45 *
Larry Hallstrom  25:43.13
Robert Hayes  Melon City  29:29.13

Men's Breakaway  aka. no time trial stuff/ equipment

John Stonebarger  New Pi/Goosetown  24:13.45
Mark Sorenson  ICCC  25:47.13
Andrew Lidral   26:10.95 *
Brad Roark  ICCC  26:11.84 *
John Burge  28:24.53 *
Scott Greener  29:50.73

Men 4/5

John Martinek  ICCC  24:33.03 *
Shawn Meaney  NewPi/Goosetown  27:28.59
Tyler Cowman  27:29.03
Todd Brown  28:21.16  *

Women 4

Tara Coady  New Pi/Goosetown  27:57.78 *
Sue Tackabury  28:35.88

Womens Breakaway

Alijah Beatty  ICCC  28:08.88


Zoe Meaney  New Pi/Goosetown  36:31.13

** denotes fastest time
*   denotes seasons best time

Thanks to all my sponsors, Geoffs Bike & Ski,  Bluebird Diner & Café,  New Pioneer Coop, Café del Sol Roasting.  Please frequent our sponsors and let them know how awesome they are for helping us out!

Apologies to Alijah who was not mentioned as a winner at the final TT.  You were listed under Womens 4 instead of Womens Breakaway.  I owe you a ice cream!

Best of Luck to all of you who will be participating in the State Time Trial Competition in Nichols Iowa on Sunday the 31st!

See You Next Season!

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