Thursday, August 15, 2013

Results for the final time trial in the 2012-13 season

The last race always has some type of snafu, for lack of a better word.  One year we shortened the course last minute.  Another year the Sheriff paid us a visit and an angry motorist ran down a few race signs.  This time,  while preparing to set up registration in Dougherty Park, I was told that I needed to move my vehicle because it would surely get blocked in due to football practice in the park.  As a steady stream of cars were coming into the lot, we decided to set up shop at the school parking lot just down the street.  Let's just say, I have made wiser choices in the past.  I apologise for my crankiness at registration, due to the fact that I had no helpers as they were at the old post directing riders back to the high school lot.  Thanks Matt Hartman for helping me corral the remainder.
Lesson:  It's football practice, not a football game and my car is staying where its at.

Other than that, you couldn't of asked for a more beautiful evening; 70 degrees, a slight wind from NNE maybe about 6 mph.  I think quite a few racers had a personal records because of these ideal conditions. The fastest time belonged to "The German" Henning Gerke, 22:14.25.  Now, this is what I LOVE about time trials.  Dan Shaffer's time was 22:15.66.   That's incentive for Dan to come back next season!

enough commentary, here's the dope:

Men 1/2/3
Dan Shaffer  ICCC  22:15.66
Rob McKillip  Goosetown Racing/New Pi  23:58.85

Men Masters
Henning Gerke  ICCC  22:14.25
John Stonebarger  Goosetown Racing/New Pi  23:12.62
Matt Hartman  Goosetown Racinig/New Pi  23:19.52
Wayne Fett  Goosetown Racing/New Pi  23:32.22
Tobin Jacks  23:57.80
Mike Giudici  DICE  26:40.94

Men 4/5
John Martinek  ICCC  25:13.11
Chris O'Hara  25:46.43
Tarryl Bockelman  26:13.07
Todd Brown  HBA  27:52.35

Men Breakaway
Steve Hanson  Goosetown Racing/New Pi  25:52.20
Andrew Lidral  26:24.21
Paul Windschitl  27:16.55
John Burge  HBA  27:44.84
Vladimir Badovinac  27:55.66

Women Masters
Tara Coady  Goosetown Racing/New Pi  27:35

Women 4
Sarah Barber  HBA  26:05.86
Shauna Dudley  26:59.18

Women Breakaway
Amaris McCann  28:59.40
Kirschen Seah  34:31.96

The Martin's  ICCC  23:36.17

Our Special thanks goes to Rick Hopson for turnaround support and for his support of racing in Iowa in general;  my officials for the season, Larry Howe and Brian Abbott; My husband, Chris Martin  and my son, Oskar Martin, for putting up with me and unyielding assistance.  To Jason "Poncho" Teggatz for his commitment as an assistant and for Gary Henry for getting me out of the weeds. Finally, to ALL OF YOU who came wind, cold, hot or shine, to keep it going.  I do this for you!

To my sponsors:  Geoffs Bike and Ski, thanks for years of top support!  New Pioneer Coop, a big thanks for your support of bike racing and bikes in general!  Tommy Connolly & Jon Wilson of Bluebird Diner/cafe my gratitude for your thoughtfulness and friendship!  and last but not least, Steve and Linda and staff of Cafe del Sol Roasting for providing us with fresh roasted coffee as prizes!
Please let our sponsors know with you patronage how much you appreciate what they do to help you have fun!  That's the bottom line folks!

Until next local grass-roots racing in Iowa and local everything in Iowa!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Final Time Trial of the 2012-2013 season!

While at the state championship road race this weekend, a few people inquired about the course conditions.  As many of you know, it is chip seal season in Iowa.  That's when mostly "paved " roads get a fresh dump of tar then small gravel dumped on the surface.  Then car traffic beats it down into the tar.  lo and behold, it eventually becomes pavement.
Chip seal was placed in a few sections of the course. All areas are on a straightaway.  It is not fresh chip seal and has had some traffic on it.  Chris and i did drive the course yesterday and found it acceptable for racing.

So what the hell does that mean, you might be thinking.  "Do they find it "acceptable" to race a tt bike on gravel?" Not exactly.

1.  the chip seal is not in any corners.  Remember a couple years back when we shortened the course because it was?
2.  we will sweep the corners as we always do, as best we can.
3.  you can change tire size if this makes you nervous.  No one is asking you to race 700x23c's
4.  you can change categories and race breakaway and bring a cross bike...I don't care.

I do care that everyone knows its out there. Chris & I will race our tandem with regular race tires.  Seriously, if it is on a straightaway and you are in control, just keep pedaling.  :)

I am still looking for a few helpers as well...

I hope to get a great showing of racers since this is the final tt.  I will NOT forget my shoes this time!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Results from time trial #4

So I admit, I was worried.  Worried that my attendance would be low due to the approaching thunder storm. Worried that the rain would stop, then start back up at 6:30 as predicted.  Worried that I would have to cancel and reschedule, which any race director will tell you involves much more than picking a new date.
None of that happened. 
This is what did:
Attendance was about average.  The sunny sun came out so humidity went way up.  The wind stopped and the heat index was just what we expect for July.  So the show went on.  Chris and I were excited to find a last minute volunteer for the turnaround (Thanks Gary Henry!!!) so that we could race.  But then, as I was kitting up, I noticed that bike shoes were missing. 

Here are the times for those who got the opportunity to sweat.

Men 1/2/3/
Rob McKillip  New Pioneer/Goosetown  24:51.92

Masters Men
Henning Gerke  ICCC 22:14.42
Dan Shaffer  ICCC 22:34.56
Matt Hartman  New Pioneer/Goosetown  23:52.20
Wayne Fett  New Pioneer/Goosetown  24:03.10
Barry Carter ICCC  24:17.38
Mark Constintine  New Pioneer/Goosetown  24:50.31
Tobin Jacks  24:51.74
Mike Merulla  ICCC  25:08.81

Men 4/5
Lucas Llado  Iowa Heat  23:59.60
Paul Windschitl  27:27.67
Yigit Aytic  27:48.27

Men Breakaway
Mark Beatty  Twisted Spokes  25:04.85
Steve Hanson  New Pioneer/Goosetown  26:13.31
John Burge HBA  28:17.87

Women 1/2/3
Karen Stierler  ICCC 26:32.25

Masters Women
Tara Coady  New Pioneer/Goosetown  26:57.17

Women 4
Shauna Dudley  27:39.77

Women Breakaway
Sarah Barber  HBA  27:29.35
Kirschen Seah  34:55.92

Alijah Beatty  ICCC  31:48.92

Thanks to all who came to play.  Welcome back Karen Stierler!
Please help me spread the word about my Time Trial Series.  Triathletes are encouraged and welcome.  Juniors are our future, so please encourage them as well! There are more Time Trials left on the schedule so go on...suffar  :)

Here are the remaining Time Trials on the local USAC list:
Elkhart Time Trial Series;  This Thursday  July 11th
Blues & BBQ Race weekend, Clear Lake;  Saturday July 13
Iowa Games Time Trial;  Friday July 19
Black Diamond Time Trial Series;  Sunday July 28
Iowa State Time Trial Championships;  Sunday August 4
Elkhart Time Trial Series; Thursday August 8
Monika's Summer Time Trial Series;  Tuesday August 13
Iowa State Team Time Trial;  Sunday August 18



Tuesday, July 9, 2013!

For now, the race is still on since its Iowa and as the saying goes; if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes.
It is 7 hours from race time.  I hope the front will move on by then.  I will keep a watchful eye out.  As of now, the weather report looks like 40% chance of t-storms at 7:00pm
Rain can be ok, especially when it's hot out.  The corners will be slick however.  Thunder and lightning Worry me.  If I can work out a rain date for this race I will.  I realize my flyer says rain or shine, it does not qualify what type of rain.  That is why radar is color coded.  ;)  
So stay posted and I will make up my mind 100% by 3:00 pm.
Thanks everyone for patience and understanding.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Results for time trial #3

As I batted at the gnats, I welcomed the 23 riders (25 counting Chris & I ) who came to dance.  The weather was as predicted; upper 80's very humid with a slight breeze and some cloud cover.  Good night for racing.
Two Juniors came to race.  Thanks to Richard Gilmore who kept Alijah going!  Wille looked awesome out there! :)
Tara and Sarah had close to a tied time.   Rob McKillip rode his fat tire with aero comfort.  Nice Job Rob!
Lots of new faces and many regulars...thanks to Poncho and John for helping us out and Larry Howe for officiating!

and now for the final results:

Men 1/2/3
Rob McKillip (New Pi-Goosetown)  26:36.03

Men 40+
Henning Gerke (ICCC)  22:23.59
Mark Sorenson (ICCC)  22:58.66
Wayne Fett (New Pi-Goosetown)  23:41.38
Barry Carter (ICCC)  24:12.31
Tobin Jacks  24:26.53
Mark Beatty (Twisted Spokes)  24:37.70
Mike Merulla (ICCC)  25:22.84
Richard Gimore (Twisted Spokes)  29:26.06

Men 4/5
John Martinek (ICCC)  25:23.06
Todd Brown (HBA)  28:38.23
Bill Knoedel  29:04.20
James Mulherin  30:00.48
Eric Tomek  31:17.95

Men Breakaway
Steve Hanson (New Pi-Goosetown)   26:20.16
John Burge (HBA)  28:45.70
Vladimir Badovinac  29:44.88

Women 4
Shauna Dudley 27:05.66

Women 40+
Tara Coady (New Pi-Goosetown)  26:58.70

Women Breakaway
Sarah Barber (HBA) 26:58.59
Kirschen Seah  35:15.20

Alijah Beatty (ICCC)  28:18.28
Wiilie Oxley (New Pi-Goosetown)  30:13.16

The Martin's  (ICCC)  23:40.73

1. Henning Gerke 22:23.59
2. Mark Sorenson 22:58.66
3. Martin's 23:40.73
4. Wayne Fett 23:41.38
5. Barry Carter 24:12.31
6. Tobin Jacks 24:26.53
7. Mark Beatty 24:37.70
8. Mike Merulla 25:22.84
9. John Martinek 25:23.06
10. Steve Hanson 26:20.16

11. Rob McKillip 26:36.03
12. Sarah Barber 26:58.59
13. Tara Coady 26:58.70
14. Shauna Dudley 27:05.66
15. Alijah Beatty 28:18.28
16. Todd Brown  28:38.23
17. John Burge 28:45.70
18. Bill Knoedel 29:04.20
19. Richard Gilmore 29:26.06
20. Vladimir Badovinac 29:44.88
21. James Mulherin 30:00.48
22. Willie Oxley 30:13.16
23. Eric Tomek 31:17.95
24. Kirschen Seah 35:15.20

A BIG THANK YOU to all our sponsors and volunteers.  You help us continue our grass-roots races! all our racers who participated; "GREAT JOB"  hope more of you can make it over to the next Time Trial which is July 9th.  I would like to reach a goal of 30 + racers!
until then.. keep posted

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today is the day for a nice ten mile race!

Just thought I would post a little something to let last minute readers of the blog know I am still alive and preparing for tonight's time trial in Lone Tree.  I have just checked weather conditions and it looks like the temps will be higher than they have been with a light wind and a 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms.  Right now the sun is shining brightly and I always keep good faith with the weather.  If thunder and lightning begins at race time we will halt the race and start up when conditions look favorable once again.

I will be picking up prizes from my sponsors,  Cafe del Sol Roasting in Coralville & New Pioneer Coop pastry department.  There will also be some good beverages from John's Grocery that are purchased with donations from Geoff's Bike and Ski.  I am happy for these sponsorships as the prizes make my Time Trial unique.  I will speak for others and say Yum and Fun!

Hope to see you tonight at Dougherty Park in Lone Tree at 5:30!,-91.424446&spn=0.102654,0.16531&z=13&msid=106754396498780390048.000484be74590d85fa628

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Results and notes from time trial two

I was glad that the title of my series actually matched the weather conditions yesterday.  Monika's Summer Time Trial Series, needs to be accurately descriptive. 87 degrees seems summer like to me! Last month we had a lot of wind to contend with, as we did last night.  I am guessing once again between 15 and 20 mph.  Mostly crosswind so no real relief until the final mile stretch.
Twenty six racers attended.  Maybe everyone else decided to do the group rides.  We did have some new faces, including a junior.  I really like that. :^)
The  race times seemed fairly consistent with last months.  We did have an almost tied time, between Mark Sorenson and Greg Duethman (who both decided to do the TT instead of the group ride)  I like that too.  So that's why split seconds are the deciding factor in time trials. That's also why you don't leave the start line a second early!   Not the first time to happen nor the last...

Results for Time Trial #2

Men 1/2/3
Paul Deninger  Velo Sport  22:14.20
Mario Czarnomski  ICCC  23:01
Rob McKillip  Goosetown/New Pi.  24:25.28

Men Masters 40+
Mark Sorenson  ICCC  22:53.38
Greg Duethman ICCC  22:53.91
Henning Gerke ICCC  23:24.84
John Stonebarger  Goosetown/New Pi.  23:48.88
Wayne Fett  Goosetown / New Pi.  24:21.63
Tobin Jacks  25:24.16
Barry Carter  ICCC  25:50.23
Mike Merulla  ICCC  27:41.38
Todd Papke  27:59.28
Matt Hartman  Goosetown/New Pi  28:42.48

Men Breakaway 
Josh Cramer  26:49.88
Andrew Lidral   28:02.41
Wes Hepker  28:45.53
John Burge  HBA  31:32.34
Joe Pyle   31:47.13
David Farber  34:36.95

Mens 4/5
Todd Brown  HBA  30:50.70
James Mulherin. 34:50.09

Women's 4
Sarah Barber  HBA  27:40.41
Shawna Dudley  28:35.63

Women Masters 40+
Tara Coady  Goosetown /New Pi.  28:32.06

Isaac Pyle  42:37.73


1. Paul Deninger  22:14.20
2. Mark Sorenson  22:53.38
3. Greg Duethman  22:53.91
4. Mario Czarnomski  23:01
5. Henning Gerke  23:24.84
6. John Stonebarger 23:48.88
7. Wayne Fett 24:21.63
8. Rob McKillip 24:25.28
9. Tobin Jacks 25:24.16
10. Barry Carter 25:50.23
11. Martin's 26:15.53   (Tandem)
12. Josh Cramer 26:49.88
13. Sarah Barber 27:40.41
14. Mike Merulla 27:41.38
15. Todd Papke 27:59.28
16. Andrew Lidral 28:02.41
17. Tara Coady 28:32.06
18. Shawna Dudley 28:35.63
19. Matt Hartman 28:42.48
20. Wes Hepker 28:45.53
21. Todd Brown 30:50.70
22. Joe Pyle 31:47.13
23. David Farber 34:36.95
24. James Mulherin 34:50.09
25. Isaac Pyle 42:37.73

A BIG thanks to all and great job in the wind everyone!
MARK YOUR CALENDARS  for June 11th the third in the series.  Pleas come to The Black Diamond Time Trial which is this SUNDAY morning the 19th,  go to for details!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Result's for Time Trial #1

The Weather Gods played some tricks on all of us yesterday evening. I prayed to the deity Dyeus to not bestow thunder, lightning and hail upon us.  Instead He made sure we knew who's boss and brought in 20mph winds and plummeting temps.  As I packed for the race, my gear did not include ear muffs and mittens.   As a result, our times were a little sluggish but overall I was impressed with the early season fitness of our 25 riders.
Men's 40+ has always been a fast category to race and last night 's times proved no exception. John Stonebarger (New Pi) rode an impressive 23:17.  Of course Mark Sorenson (ICCC) and Henning Gerke (ICCC) 23:32 & 23:53 respectively, not lagging far behind.
In the Mens 1/2/3, Paul Deninger (Velo Sport) had the best time for the evening with 22:53. Joe Nichols (Velo Sport) slammed second overall with a speedy 23:06!  Dennis Grelk, traveled quickly with his recumbent, equipped with a big ring that could of dragged on the ground. ;)

Lets take a look at everyones times:

Men 1/2/3/
Paul Deninger (VeloSport) 22:53
Dennis Grelk (Bike Iowa) 24:46
Rob McKillip (New Pi) 24:57

Men 4/5
Joe Nichols (Velo Sport)23:06
Tobin Jacks 26:35
Todd Brown (HBA) 32:50

Men 40+
John Stonebarger (New Pi) 23:17
Mark Sorenson (ICCC) 23:32
Henning Gerke (ICCC) 23:53
Matt Hartman(New Pi) 26:56
Todd Papke 27:05
Landon Beachy (Twisted Spoke) 30:22

Men Breakaway
Eric Taylor (ICCC) 27:04
Jaron Sullivan 27:12
Mark Beatty (Twisted Spoke) 27:17
Andrew Lidal 29:27
Wes Hepker (Iowa Heat) 29:48
Jeff Cozad (Velo Sport) 33:45
James Mulherin 35:05

Women 4
Sarah Barber (HBA) 27:56
Samantha Rathje (Velo Sport) 29:48

Tara Cody (New Pi) 30:16

Women Breakaway
Christina Anthony 38:04

Chris & Monika Martin (ICCC) 25:48

Alijah Beatty (ICCC) 35:12

Overall results:
1. Paul Deninger 22:53
2. Joe Nichols 23:06
3. John Stonebarger 23:17
4. Mark Sorenson 23:32
5. Henning Gerke 23:53
6. Dennis Grelk 24:46
7. Rob McKillip 24:57
8. Chris & Monika Martin 25:48
9. Tobin Jacks 26:35
10. Matt Hartman 26:56

11. Eric Taylor 27:04
12. Todd Papke 27:05
13. Jaron Sullivan 27:12
14. Mark Beatty 27:17
15. Sarah Barber 27:56
16. Andrew Lidral 29:27
17. Samantha Rathje 29:48*
17. Wes Hepker 29:48*
18. Tara Coady 30:16
19. Landon Beachy 30:22
20. Todd Brown 32:50
21. Jeff Cozad 33:45
22. James Mulherin 35:05
23. Alijah Beatty 35:12
24. Christina Anthony 38:04

Great job ALL ! 

Next race is May 14, two days after Mother's day!
Until then, be good to your Mum.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Depends on who you talk to.....


Here are two different scenarios of what might occur weather wise from 5 to 7ish.  We have dodged the proverbial bullet in the past.  I will postpone the race due to lightning and downpours/heavy wind etc.  The race will go on as planned for rain, be it wet and miserable.

If the weather is not inclement during registration we will proceed.  I kept waking up all night worried about what will occur.  But the voice of reason told me, to keep good faith and make an informed decision as the situation unfolds.

please keep posted, however unless it is storming a lot when we leave for course set up, I imagineyou will see us at Dougherty Park.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Race of the Series is THIS Tuesday, April 9!

2012, Tara getting ready for take-off!
Welcome to a new season of racing!
 I guess there is no real excuse to take this long to blog.  I have been put off by the lack of spring and the continuation of winter so I have been doing the bulk of my training indoors.  The calendar says April but I say February.  Some of you may know that alpine skiing is my favorite sport and even though there is no snow (except in my front yard; no joke) I still think about powder.

But here is the reality.  IT IS OFFICALLY ROAD SEASON.  It has been a cold start to the 2013 Road Season and some races have been cancelled due to the unseasonable conditions in the Midwest.  My race series begins this Tuesday, April 9, which is less than a week away.  It will probably be unseasonal, so bundle up.  I promise Summer will eventually come!  Please keep posted to Bike Iowa and this blog for up to date details concerning cancellations, race results and other information. 

Here, once again,  is a synopsis of race details:

Races are held on the second Tuesday of each month,  from April through August.
Race dates:  April 9, May 14, June 11, July 9, August 13.
Registration is at Dougherty Park in Lone Tree Iowa and begins at 5:30pm and closes at 6:15pm.
Preregistration is available at
First rider is off at 6:30 pm.  Course is 10 miles in length; five miles to the turnaround and five to the finish.  Helmets required.  you can race a non-time trial rig and register in the breakaway category.

Entry fee is still $10.00 and checks are welcome.  Please note, an additional $10.00 will be charged for a one day race licence through USA Cycling. 

Categories for this series are:  Womens 1/2/3, Womens 4, Womens 40+ and Womens Breakaway
                                                  Mens 1/2/3, Mens 4/5, Mens 40+ and Mens Breakaway, Tandem
Prizes will be awarded post race to the winner of each category and include food, beverage and merchandise.  Sponsors include: Geoff's Bike & Ski,   Bluebird Cafe & Diner,  NewPioneer Coop,  Cafe del Sol Roasting.

Any questions, concerns or complaints?  please contact me, Monika Martin at
Other timely information will also be here:  Bike Iowa,  and also IBRA,

Chris & and I hope to see you once again for a great season of racing!