Thursday, August 15, 2013

Results for the final time trial in the 2012-13 season

The last race always has some type of snafu, for lack of a better word.  One year we shortened the course last minute.  Another year the Sheriff paid us a visit and an angry motorist ran down a few race signs.  This time,  while preparing to set up registration in Dougherty Park, I was told that I needed to move my vehicle because it would surely get blocked in due to football practice in the park.  As a steady stream of cars were coming into the lot, we decided to set up shop at the school parking lot just down the street.  Let's just say, I have made wiser choices in the past.  I apologise for my crankiness at registration, due to the fact that I had no helpers as they were at the old post directing riders back to the high school lot.  Thanks Matt Hartman for helping me corral the remainder.
Lesson:  It's football practice, not a football game and my car is staying where its at.

Other than that, you couldn't of asked for a more beautiful evening; 70 degrees, a slight wind from NNE maybe about 6 mph.  I think quite a few racers had a personal records because of these ideal conditions. The fastest time belonged to "The German" Henning Gerke, 22:14.25.  Now, this is what I LOVE about time trials.  Dan Shaffer's time was 22:15.66.   That's incentive for Dan to come back next season!

enough commentary, here's the dope:

Men 1/2/3
Dan Shaffer  ICCC  22:15.66
Rob McKillip  Goosetown Racing/New Pi  23:58.85

Men Masters
Henning Gerke  ICCC  22:14.25
John Stonebarger  Goosetown Racing/New Pi  23:12.62
Matt Hartman  Goosetown Racinig/New Pi  23:19.52
Wayne Fett  Goosetown Racing/New Pi  23:32.22
Tobin Jacks  23:57.80
Mike Giudici  DICE  26:40.94

Men 4/5
John Martinek  ICCC  25:13.11
Chris O'Hara  25:46.43
Tarryl Bockelman  26:13.07
Todd Brown  HBA  27:52.35

Men Breakaway
Steve Hanson  Goosetown Racing/New Pi  25:52.20
Andrew Lidral  26:24.21
Paul Windschitl  27:16.55
John Burge  HBA  27:44.84
Vladimir Badovinac  27:55.66

Women Masters
Tara Coady  Goosetown Racing/New Pi  27:35

Women 4
Sarah Barber  HBA  26:05.86
Shauna Dudley  26:59.18

Women Breakaway
Amaris McCann  28:59.40
Kirschen Seah  34:31.96

The Martin's  ICCC  23:36.17

Our Special thanks goes to Rick Hopson for turnaround support and for his support of racing in Iowa in general;  my officials for the season, Larry Howe and Brian Abbott; My husband, Chris Martin  and my son, Oskar Martin, for putting up with me and unyielding assistance.  To Jason "Poncho" Teggatz for his commitment as an assistant and for Gary Henry for getting me out of the weeds. Finally, to ALL OF YOU who came wind, cold, hot or shine, to keep it going.  I do this for you!

To my sponsors:  Geoffs Bike and Ski, thanks for years of top support!  New Pioneer Coop, a big thanks for your support of bike racing and bikes in general!  Tommy Connolly & Jon Wilson of Bluebird Diner/cafe my gratitude for your thoughtfulness and friendship!  and last but not least, Steve and Linda and staff of Cafe del Sol Roasting for providing us with fresh roasted coffee as prizes!
Please let our sponsors know with you patronage how much you appreciate what they do to help you have fun!  That's the bottom line folks!

Until next local grass-roots racing in Iowa and local everything in Iowa!

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