Friday, March 21, 2014

Perspective change and real change

Welcome back to another year of racing!  With the L O N G  W I N T E R  we have had, I am sure we all are ready for some temperate temperatures.  I first of all wanted to let all of you know we are cutting our series short one race this year.  This is due to many factors, one being weather the other, logistics.  Time has tricked me and I simply do not feel prepared to put on the April race, therefore, May will mark the start of our series.  It will still be the SECOND TUESDAY of the month, beginning in May and ending in August.

Also, I am thinking of slightly tweaking the course.  I propose we begin at what was the first turn (660th street and Utah Ave. S.E.) and head out from there five miles which puts our turnaround about .8 miles out from where it has been.  We talked about this due to safety issues with the new stop sign on 660th street.  Traffic on Utah Ave which is the intersecting road at the first left hand turn, does not have a stop sign.  We do however have a stop sign that we disregard making that first left.  This could potentially cause some legal issues if someone where to get hit.  No strong armed corner Marshall could stop a redneck in a truck.  :(    Below is a link to the map of the existing course.  With the new course, we would turn around at Sioux Ave. and approximately 620th street.  I have yet to actually measure the 5 mile point as of this posting.,-91.424446&spn=0.102654,0.16531&z=13&msid=106754396498780390048.000484be74590d85fa628&dg=feature

Please give me feedback!

Another change is our pricing.  Due to the rising costs of putting on a race through USAC, I must raise my entry fee to $15.  Still a good bargain though.  USAC has also raised the price of one day licenses.  It is now $15 to purchase a one day.  I would strongly suggest if you do my TT & Black Diamond TT and especially if you do The Elkhart TT Series, it is financially much more feasible to purchase a USA Cycling Licence.  your link to get one and preregister for any races you might want to race.

I welcome any volunteer help and encourage that we all participate in one way or another to keep our small local races strong in this area.

Please stay tuned for more info and news here on my blog,

As always, thanks for your support!


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