Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Results for Monika's Summer T.T. #1

What a perfect night for racing. We actually had a tied time for Paul and Chad, wow. Many thanks to ALL who turned out for the Time Trial series last night. It was great to see your faces, even though the sun was in my eyes! Thanks to all who assisted: Brett Griggs, Brian Abbott, Kevin Westman and his charming Son. Oh... I should thank my husband, Chris, who has put up with my craziness the last few weeks. A lot of fun out there and as Kim Eppen put it "$10 bucks gets you 10 miles of pain" Or gain!

Here are the official results:

Women 41st - Cara Hamann - 28:14:90

Women Breakaway
1st - Kim Eppen - 25:38:20
2nd - Sandy Kessler - 27:51:70
3rd - Lisa DeShano - 28:13:80
4th - Darian Nagle Gamm - 29:51:80
5th - Sara Swanson - 30:12:00
6th - Susan Sorenson - 34:58:90

1st - Chris & Monika Martin - 23:51:90

Men 123
1st - Paul Denninger - 21:53:80
1st - Chad Bishop - 21:53:80
3rd - Brian Eppen - 22:43:00

Men 4
1st - Rob McKillip - 23:56:90
2nd - Kevin McConnell - 24:42:80

Men 5
1st - Conn Day - 24:57:90
2nd - Mark Beatty - 25:20:20
3rd - Sean McKay - 26:34:60

4th - Scott Birney - 27:15:00
5th - Eric Jensen - 27:26:90
6th - Todd Brown - 30:13:40

Men Breakaway
1st - Matias Perret - 24:23:80

Men 40+
1st - Jeff Barnes - 23:02:00
2nd - Mark Sorenson - 23:56:10
3rd - Wayne Fett - 24:52:90
4th - Richard Gilmore - 26:23:70
5th - Landon Beachy - 26:37:50
6th - Gary Henry - 26:55:40

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuesdays coming fast, heres more info...

As we approach the April 20th date, I have some information to share with you.

We have yet one more sponsor of prizes, New Pioneer Co-op has graciously agreed to help us out with prizes. Thanks goes to Theresa Carbrey for her support!

As I rode through Lone Tree On Saturday, I realized there are infact two parks! The park with the army tank is not where we are registering, ours is on the other side of town!

The course is marked in one mile increments, with half mile marks before the turn around and finish.

Registration opens at 5:30 and closes at 6:15. First rider off at 6:30.

Tuesdays forecast calls for 72 balmy degrees, partly cloudy, with only 10% chance of showers. I'll take that forecast any day! Hope to see you there.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Saying thanks...

Welcome again,

Just a few new things to note . We are fortunate to include a few more new supporters/sponsors to this race event.

Harriet from the LEAF kitchen will bestow home made goodies upon us. 30th Century Bicycle has also come forward to help us out. Steve and Cody you ROCK! And....Q7 Cycling is also a sponsor. How good is that?

Thanks so much everyone. Please throw some business thier way as they are generous to us racers!

On another note; Chris & I were discussing the series yesterday while enjoying great weather on our deck. Some have inquired as to why only 10 miles for the length of the race. I believe it is a good midweek length for training. However, you can always race it twice. Keep in mind that there will be two entry fees if this is your choice. You could mix it up and race once with your Road bike and then with the TT bike. We do have a breakaway catagory. How punishing is that? ;)

Talk to you soon,