Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Results for the second time trial, some venting and some cheering. This is a Blogspot.

It was one of those days when I looked at the radar on my I-pad every hour to find out how the evening race might fare.  Much cooler temperatures and the possibility of thundershowers steered most away.  Also, unknown to me, (I need to read my bikeiowa e-mails) a time trial on Sunday, took a few of my regulars.  That's my vent part.
Nevertheless, those who did race with questionable evening skies looming seemed happy to be there. YES happy to be there, and all did well.  Some took great lengths to attend.  One flying in (on a plane) just hours prior, a few riding down from Iowa City, and most just rushing post work in their cars to get there on time, registered and warmed up.  Thank you.
65 degrees, slight drizzle and stronger evening winds, ever changing, pushing in a shower is what our conditions were.  Here is what we did given that:

Men 1/2/3
Rob McKillip   NewPi/Goosetown  24:19.03

Men Masters
Henning Gerke   ICCC  22:43.95
John Stonebarger  New Pi/Goosetown  23:33.56
Wayne Fett  New Pi/Goosetown  24:23.85
Mike Merulla  ICCC  25:24.99

Men 4/5
John Martinek  ICCC  24:37.35

Men Breakaway
Brian Eppen  ICCC  22:43.20
Jeff Barnes  ICCC  24:20.56
Andrew Lidral  27:18.81
Joe Brennan  New Pi/Goosetown  28:18.85

Woman Masters
Tara Coady  New Pi/Goosetown  28:21.60

Woman 4
Shauna Dudley  27:35.63
Heather Maher  New Pi/Goosetown  33:26.49

Woman Breakaway
Kim Eppen  ICCC  26:53.38
Ingrid Gronstal  ICCC  29:41.60
Monika Martin  ICCC  31:00.42

Thanks again and always to the people who help make this happen; namely,  Jason Teggetz, Larry Howe, and Doc Hopson, who's shadow I did see at turnaround.

Be sure and support our terrific sponsors:  Geoff's,  Bluebird Diner/Café,  New Pioneer Co-op & Café del Sol Roasting.

Our next race is JULY  8  Hope to see all who came today and some others!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Will it still be rainy?

Do any of you remember the last time you rode your bike in 75 degrees, with a tailwind?  Well, neither do I.  This could be the time trial that takes us out of our comfort zone.  Think adventure.  Think practice cornering, with the possibility of wet pavement.  Think supporting this series because on a day like today it's much more difficult for the director to get going.  I will be out there solo today without Chris, sweeping the course and preparing.  So give me a good reason to do what I do and show up.  If this sounds like a sales pitch, it is.
The Weather Channel says the chance of rain slows down quite a bit after 5:00pm.  Weather Underground has a slightly different take on the possibility of showers.  Either way, I'll be there.