Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Results for time trial #3

As I batted at the gnats, I welcomed the 23 riders (25 counting Chris & I ) who came to dance.  The weather was as predicted; upper 80's very humid with a slight breeze and some cloud cover.  Good night for racing.
Two Juniors came to race.  Thanks to Richard Gilmore who kept Alijah going!  Wille looked awesome out there! :)
Tara and Sarah had close to a tied time.   Rob McKillip rode his fat tire with aero comfort.  Nice Job Rob!
Lots of new faces and many regulars...thanks to Poncho and John for helping us out and Larry Howe for officiating!

and now for the final results:

Men 1/2/3
Rob McKillip (New Pi-Goosetown)  26:36.03

Men 40+
Henning Gerke (ICCC)  22:23.59
Mark Sorenson (ICCC)  22:58.66
Wayne Fett (New Pi-Goosetown)  23:41.38
Barry Carter (ICCC)  24:12.31
Tobin Jacks  24:26.53
Mark Beatty (Twisted Spokes)  24:37.70
Mike Merulla (ICCC)  25:22.84
Richard Gimore (Twisted Spokes)  29:26.06

Men 4/5
John Martinek (ICCC)  25:23.06
Todd Brown (HBA)  28:38.23
Bill Knoedel  29:04.20
James Mulherin  30:00.48
Eric Tomek  31:17.95

Men Breakaway
Steve Hanson (New Pi-Goosetown)   26:20.16
John Burge (HBA)  28:45.70
Vladimir Badovinac  29:44.88

Women 4
Shauna Dudley 27:05.66

Women 40+
Tara Coady (New Pi-Goosetown)  26:58.70

Women Breakaway
Sarah Barber (HBA) 26:58.59
Kirschen Seah  35:15.20

Alijah Beatty (ICCC)  28:18.28
Wiilie Oxley (New Pi-Goosetown)  30:13.16

The Martin's  (ICCC)  23:40.73

1. Henning Gerke 22:23.59
2. Mark Sorenson 22:58.66
3. Martin's 23:40.73
4. Wayne Fett 23:41.38
5. Barry Carter 24:12.31
6. Tobin Jacks 24:26.53
7. Mark Beatty 24:37.70
8. Mike Merulla 25:22.84
9. John Martinek 25:23.06
10. Steve Hanson 26:20.16

11. Rob McKillip 26:36.03
12. Sarah Barber 26:58.59
13. Tara Coady 26:58.70
14. Shauna Dudley 27:05.66
15. Alijah Beatty 28:18.28
16. Todd Brown  28:38.23
17. John Burge 28:45.70
18. Bill Knoedel 29:04.20
19. Richard Gilmore 29:26.06
20. Vladimir Badovinac 29:44.88
21. James Mulherin 30:00.48
22. Willie Oxley 30:13.16
23. Eric Tomek 31:17.95
24. Kirschen Seah 35:15.20

A BIG THANK YOU to all our sponsors and volunteers.  You help us continue our grass-roots races! all our racers who participated; "GREAT JOB"  hope more of you can make it over to the next Time Trial which is July 9th.  I would like to reach a goal of 30 + racers!
until then.. keep posted

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today is the day for a nice ten mile race!

Just thought I would post a little something to let last minute readers of the blog know I am still alive and preparing for tonight's time trial in Lone Tree.  I have just checked weather conditions and it looks like the temps will be higher than they have been with a light wind and a 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms.  Right now the sun is shining brightly and I always keep good faith with the weather.  If thunder and lightning begins at race time we will halt the race and start up when conditions look favorable once again.

I will be picking up prizes from my sponsors,  Cafe del Sol Roasting in Coralville & New Pioneer Coop pastry department.  There will also be some good beverages from John's Grocery that are purchased with donations from Geoff's Bike and Ski.  I am happy for these sponsorships as the prizes make my Time Trial unique.  I will speak for others and say Yum and Fun!

Hope to see you tonight at Dougherty Park in Lone Tree at 5:30!,-91.424446&spn=0.102654,0.16531&z=13&msid=106754396498780390048.000484be74590d85fa628