Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Results for the final Time Trial in the 2012 series

The last time trial in Monika's Summer Time Trial Series is now officially in the books.  As I reflect upon this year's races, personally, it has been filled with mixed emotions.  There have been many moments of pride as well as agony.  I say this because ( you may now indulge me to wax philosophical) it is an integral part of bike racing.  The fact that this series has now been going for three years is pride.  So many of you keep coming back every season, even if only for one of the five races! So here is where I THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR UNYIELDING SUPPORT. 

The agony part, well that gets more complicated.  As a promoter I spend a lot of personal time putting this together.  Seriously, I would rather be on a morning ride that sitting at this computer right now.  Finding sponsors,  well, I don't know of too many people who like to ask others for handouts.  Hopefully we will all be mindful and thank the sponsors who helped us out this season and encourage them to do it again.  Bluebird Diner/Bluebird cafeGeoff's Bike & SkiNew Pioneer Co-op, Cafe del Sol Roasting & Best Case Wines  who with their generosity,  let us know that they support what we do and what we are about.  I can't take that for granted.  So.. next time you go to "the Bird" to eat, tell John or Tommy, "we like what you do for cycling!"  Next time you go see Geoff to get your bike stuff, let him know, "We appreciate your commitment to support Grass-Roots racing."

For last nights Time Trial we had some very speedy times.  The weather was a factor, with temps in the low 80's and lighter winds than we have been experiencing lately.  Once again several racers obtained a personal record.  Most notably is a new course record by Jeff Barnes who brought it in at 21:22.95.  The last course record was set early on May 12, 2010 by Paul Deninger at 21:49.90.   Paul had a smoking time then and it took over two years to beat!
There were once again three tandem teams!  yeah Tandemonium!  Of course the "Eppens" time also beat the old course record, 21:29.38.  Kim/Brian, you never caught Rock, but not too shabby for having an injured Captain!  ;^)

Official RESULTS for August 14th, 2012

1. Jeff Barnes, 21:22.95 ICCC
2. Brian/Kim Eppen, 21:29.38  ICCC
3. Dan Schaffer, 22:25.41 ICCC
4. Mark Sorenson, 23:02.91 ICCC
5. Chris/Monika Martin, 23:09.56  ICCC
6. Wayne Fett, 23:41.28,  Goosetown/New Pi

7. Tobin Jacks, 24:07.88
8. Mike Merulla, 24:38.41 ICCC
9. Kelly Knutson, 24:49.78
10. Karen Stierler, 24:59.63 ICCC
11. Robert Piper/Lisa Hess, 25:28.28
12. Sarah Barber, 25:44.06  HBA

13. Rob McKillip, 26:44.63  Goosetown/New Pi  *see note
14. Tara Cody, 27:10.91
15. Paul Windschitl, 27:19.38
16. Tim Smith, 27:54.80
17. Burne Sippy, 28:16.98
18. John Burge, 28:22.63

19. Andrew Lidral, 28:39.45
20. Justin Torner, 30:47.23 ICCC
21. Todd Brown, 33.17.63 HBA *see note

* denotes racers using Pugsley style tires!

Men 123
Jeff Barnes, 21:22.95 ICCC

Men Masters 40/50+
Dan Schaffer, 22:25.41 ICCC
Mark Sorenson, 23:02.91 ICCC
Wayne Fett, 23:41.28, Goosetown/New Pi
Tobin Jacks, 24:07.88
Mike Merulla, 24:38.41 ICCC
Kelly Knutson, 24:49.78
Rob McKillip, 26:44.63 Goosetown/NewPi
Todd Brown, 33:17.63 HBA

Men 5
Paul Windschitl, 27:19.38
Tim Smith, 27:54.80
Burne Sippy, 28:16.98
Andrew Lidral, 28:39.45
Justin Torner, 30:47.23 ICCC

Men Breakaway
John Burge, 28:22.63

Women 123
Karen Stierler, 24:59.63, ICCC

Women Masters 40+
Tara Cody, 27:10.91

Women 4
Sarah Barber, 25:44.06, HBA

Brian/Kim Eppen, 21:29.38, ICCC
Chris/Monika Martin, 23:09.56, ICCC
Robert Piper/Lisa Hess, 25:28.28

Thanks to all and see you in April of 2013!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Final Time Trial of the 2012 Series is this Tuesday!

Here it is, the middle of August.
State TT Championship, over.
State RR Championship, in the books.
School begins again in a week.
Cross season is revving up it's motor.
And, yes, even I was seen at Active Endeavors, shopping for winter outerwear.  Can you say SKIING?

Nevertheless, MY SUMMER TIME TRIAL SERIES IS NOT OVER.  Of course there is the State Team Time Trials coming up on Sunday.  So, if you feel inclined to sharpen your brain, power your legs and test your lungs, or if you just want to come down for a few hours and have fun racing with friends, Tuesday August 14th our last TT.

For some reason something interesting always happens at the last TT, so lets hope it is a good something!

I want to feel positive about continuing this series next season, so please give me a sound reason, such as showing up and racing!

                                                   BE THERE!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Results for Time Trial #4 in the series is here!

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  After all the extreme heat of the past few weeks, we were truly blessed with ideal conditions for time trialing.  The breeze picked up slightly toward evening, but just enough to add some challenge and evaporate sweat. ;-)  Once again, we had 22 participating, including three tandems!  The times were a bit faster than previous dates by about 30 seconds by my estimation and, from the first in the series, (in April) by close to 1 to 2 minutes! Many racers had a personal record set last night. Congrats to all of you!  Since the State Championship is just around the bend,  my guess is that many are reaching their peak for the season.  The fastest time so far this series goes to Paul Deninger from yesterday's  race with a fabulous time of 22:47.29.  Prior to that Joe Nichols held it with a dangerously close time of 22:47.46. ( tt #2 in May).  We are talking splits here folks.  Then comes Mark Sorenson, a nemesis for many,  (I say that with a smile on my face) who is seconds behind these 2012 records with the times of: 22:50.52 (#3 tt), 22:52.34 (#2 tt) and 22:54.83 (#4 tt).     
Our next time trial #5 (Aug.14) will be after the State Time Trial Championships held in Nichols IA. on August 5th.  So the season is not over yet folks!

Here are the posted times for time trial #4 in the series:


1. Paul Deninger, 22:47.29  Am.Equity
2. Mark Sorenson, 22:54.83  ICCC
3. Jeff Barnes, 23:00.99  ICCC
4. Kelly Knutson, 23:15.38
5. The Martin's, 23:29.42  ICCC
6. Wayne Fett, 23:42.94  New Pioneer/Goosetown
7.  Doug Bottorff, 24:14.23  New Pioneer/Goosetown
8. Toby Jacks, 24:26.78
9. Barry Carter, 24:33.87  ICCC
10. Cook/West,  24:48.59  FCCT
11. Mark Beatty, 24:59.67  Twisted Spokes
12. Karen Stierler, 25:37.27  ICCC
13. Mike Merulla, 25:52.05  ICCC
14. Sarah Barber, 26:06.94  HBA Racing
15. Piper/Hess, 26:27.76
16. Kevin Light, 27:01.83
17. Shauna Dudley, 27:30.69
18. Piotr Starosta, 27:45.73
19. Chris Sorenson, 28:33.31
20. John Burge, 29:32.98  HBA Racing
21. Justin Torner, 30:25.59  ICCC
22. Martha Norbeck, 31:32.37

Mens 123

Paul Deninger, 22:47.29  Am. Equity

Mens Masters 40+

Mark Sorenson, 22:54.83  ICCC
Kelly Knutson, 23:15.38
Wayne Fett, 23:42.94  New Pioneer/Goosetown
Barry Carter, 24:33.87  ICCC
Mike Merulla, 25:52.05  ICCC

Mens 4

Doug Bottorff, 24:14.23 New Pioneer/Goosetown

Mens 5

Tobin Jacks, 24:26.78
Kevin Light, 27:01.83
Piotr Starosta, 27:45.73

Mens Breakaway

Jeff Barnes, 23:00.99  ICCC
Mark Beatty, 24:59.67  Twisted Spokes
Chris Sorenson, 28:33.31
John Burge, 29:32.98  HBA
Justin Torner, 30:25.59


The Martin's, 23:29.42  ICCC
Kim West/Sue Cook, 24:48.59  FCCT
Rob Piper/Lisa Hess, 26:27.76

Women 123

Karen Stierler, 25:37.27  ICCC

WomenMasters 40+

Martha Norbeck, 31:32.37

Women 4

Sarah Barber, 26:06.94  HBA
Shauna Dudley, 27:30.69

Many thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors, Geoff's Bike & Ski, New Pioneer Coop and Bluebird Diner!  As always, my gratitude goes to my official, Brian Abbott, who is always smiling and has a wonderful outlook on life... Cheers!  And for your steadfastness and friendship, Kudos to our turnaround official, Jason "poncho" Teggatz.

Good Luck at States everyone and if you need more practice, make it worth your while to go to Elkart IA, this Thursday for the Elkhart TT Series, presented by Zealous Racing, We will be there!

Hope all of you can come back on August 14th for the FINAL tt in the series!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Results for the third Time Trial on June12th

We couldn't of asked for better weather for last nights race. The temps were mild and in the 70's, there was sunshine and blue sky's. It was a bit breezy however, but what would one expect for a time trial out on county roads? Truthfully, I was a little disappointed with the turnout. I was hoping more racers would show up to make the crippled lady smile. oh well...I am pleased that those who did race had a good time and happy once again to host the "little race with a lot of soul".
Here are the official results:

By Category

Men 123

Chris Martin 27:10.44 ICCC

Men Masters 40+

Mark Sorenson 22:50.52 ICCC
John Stonebarger 23:05.47 MBRC
Kelly Knutson 23:59.28
Wayne Fett 24:02.35 New Pi
Barry Carter 24:58.14 ICCC
Mike Merulla 25:32.65 ICCC
Gary Henry 27:17.82 New Pi

Men 5

Tobin Jacks 24:54.19
Chris O'Hara 27:41.21
Justin Turner 33:46.32 ICCC

Men Breakaway

Paul Deninger 23:37.78 Am. Equity
Henning Gerke 24:42.63 ICCC
Ben Anderson 26:11.71 ICCC
John Burge 29:22.77 HBA

Women 123

Karen Stierler 24:56.97 ICCC

Womens Masters 40+

Tara Cody 27:53.40
Susan Sorenson 34:25.15

Women 4

Sarah Barber 27:07.45
Shauna Dudley 27:44.89

Women Breakaway

Martha Norbeck 31:44.01


Kim West/Sue Cook 25:07.69 FCCT


1. Mark Sorenson 22:50.52
2. John Stonebarger 23:05.47
3. Paul Deninger 23:37.78
4. Kelly Knutson 23:59.28
5. Wayne Fett 24:02.35
6. Henning Gerke 24:42.63
7. Tobin Jacks 24:54.19

8. Karen Stierler 24:56.97
9. Barry Carter 24:58.14
10. Kim West/Sue Cook 25:07.69
11. Mike Merulla 25:32.65
12. Ben Anderson 26:11.71
13. Sarah Barber 27:07.45
14. Chris Martin 27:10.44

15. Gary Henry 27:17.82
16. Chris O'Hara 27:41.21
17. Shauna Dudley 27:44.89
18. Tara Cody 27:53.40
19. John Burge 29:22.77
20. Martha Norbeck 31:44.01
21. Justin Turner 33:46.32
22. Susan Sorenson 34:25.15

Thanks to all who came out to race, volunteer and officiate!
We are all grateful to our sponsors for this race; Geoff's Bike & Ski, Best Case Wines, BlueBird Diner & New Pioneer Coop. Special thanks to the pastry department at New Pi for their excellent offerings!

See you on July 1oth!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time Trial number three is just around the corner

Tuesday, June 12th is the next race.   I am up and at em, at least in the everyday world.  Not yet racing, but working on that.  I will be at the time trial on Tuesday to help register everyone and give Brian, our official, some assistance.

 I hope that those of you who raced this weekend at Grinell and/or Galena will try the race "on for size" if you never have.  If Tuesday traditionally is your group night ride, maybe deviate from the ordinary routine and do a really intense interval.  :-)   If you are new to racing or a triathlete, I welcome you with open arms.  Please let me know at sign up if this is your first time.

I try to make this a race worth going to in a lot of ways.  We have some fun prizes which are donated with love from local businesses, such as Bluebird Diner, New Pioneer Coop, Geoff's Bike and Ski.... and there are typically refreshments for everyone post race while results are being tabulated.  The site of the race is terrific.  the outhouse in the park is the only part I wish I could change.  But least there is one. We have a TANDEM category.  We have a women's MASTER category.  Those are two things I hope more races have in place in the future!  The cost is inexpensive compared to most races which cost  $15-35.  or more if it is a big race with lots of cash prizes.  And..then there is the course, short but technical with turns and corners thrown in for fun.  We now have a sheriff on board for your safety, thanks to Mark Guthart.

So make this a monthly training ritual.  Support Grass Roots Racing!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Addenda for second Time Trial and other notes

It was brought to my attention, that the registrars at the last TT, did not place a rider in the "correct" category. Kelly Knutson was listed as Mens 5, and the correction is Mens 40+. We apologize for the oversight and will make every effort to place riders in their proper category. That said, I think communication on this is necessary.

When you come up to the table to register, at any race, please let the registrars know what category you will be racing in. If you don't have a clue, we will help place you in the legal category. ( That is; if you don't have a USAC licence, we will put you in the lowest race cat. because those are the rules.)

If you have pre-registered at the USAC website for the race you are attending, let the registrars know which category you signed up for. In small races like mine, Chamois time or Black Diamond TT for example, a printer copy of your preregistration form is very helpful. Unlike large races which have a computer data base at registration, we cant look you up, etc. That's the beauty of low key races. They are not fussy and we like it that way!

USAC has changed the rules about pre-registrants needing to sign a waiver on site. Sorry my team had a few of you go through the trouble of filling out yet another waiver, if you preregistered. Some times we forget these rules, because they frequently change. that is another reason a copy of your preregistration form can be helpful. When I compile results, I have a hard copy to refer to if there is a question.

I hope this answers some questions and clarify some issues. We really do our best to get everyone resisted correctly and results posted in a timely manner. Everyone doing this is volunteer and working hard to get you all out there racing. That's the whole point.

So next time you line up to register, please thank the person who took time out of their day so that you can do what you do.

thanks for indulging me.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Results for Time Trial #2 May 8th, 2012

Finally, I have gone up the stairs to the computer that works best for blogging.  My apologies for not posting here sooner.  FYI, the results will always either be on Bike Iowa's yahoo groups page or Iowa Cycling's web page.  Thanks for all who came out and raced and for my guys, Chris, Brian and Poncho for their assistance!


Overall Results
1. 22:47.46 - Joe Nichols, American Equity
2. 22:52.34 - Mark Sorenson, ICCC
3. 23:21.82 - Kelly Knutson
4. 23:38.73 - John Stonebarger, MBRC
5. 23:42.80 - Wayne Fett, New Pioneer
6. 24:09.29 - Geoff Perrill/Darcy Sanford, ICCC
7. 25:07.75 - Henning Gerke, ICCC
8. 25:16.52 - Kim West/Sue Cook, FCCT
9. 25:24.71 - Barry Carter, ICCC
10. 25:47.08 - Tobin Jacks
11. 25:49.41 - Mark Considine, New Pioneer
12. 26:25.66 - Ben Anderson, ICCC
13. 27:20.62 - Chris O'Hara
14. 27:34.89 - Brady Cooley
15. 28:21.00 - Shauna Javorski-Dudley
16. 29:00.35 - Chris Sorenson
17. 30:09.82 - Nic Sabatke, Twisted Spokes
18. 30:37.82 - Gary Wells
19. 31:55.39 - Ashley Bruxvoort
20. 34:41.37 - Martha Norbeck
DNF - Tara Coady

Men Masters 40+
1. 22:47.46 - Joe Nichols, American Equity
2. 22:52.34 - Mark Sorenson, ICCC
3. 23:38.73 - John Stonebarger, MBRC
4. 23:42.80 - Wayne Fett, New Pioneer
5. 25:07.75 - Henning Gerke, ICCC
6. 25:24.71 - Barry Carter, ICCC
7. 25:49.41 - Mark Considine, New Pioneer

Men Cat 5
1. 23:21.82 - Kelly Knutson
2. 25:47.08 - Tobin Jacks
3. 27:20.62 - Chris O'Hara
4. 27:34.89 - Brady Cooley

Men Breakaway
1. 26:25.66 - Ben Anderson, ICCC
2. 29:00.35 - Chris Sorenson
3. 30:09.82 - Nic Sabatke, Twisted Spokes
4. 30:37.82 - Gary Wells

Women Masters 40+
1. 34:41.37 - Martha Norbeck
DNF - Tara Coady

Women Cat 4
1. 28:21.00 - Shauna Javorski-Dudley
2. 31:55.39 - Ashley Bruxvoort

1. 24:09.29 - Geoff Perrill/Darcy Sanford, ICCC
2. 25:16.52 - Kim West/Sue Cook, FCCT

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Race is on!

Even though I am not able to join you for the second race in the series, it is still going to happen. For some of you who have not yet heard, I was involved in a bike crash at the Iowa city road race on Saturday. I will be otb for awhile, only time will tell when I will be strong enough to return. But the race must go on and I hope to be ther next time in June, to register racers and other things which have become my responsibility. I think tonight will be gorgeous, perfect for time trialing. If you were not happy with your time at the Chris Lillig cup weekend TT, well you get a second chance to go for it! So it's business as usual, and treat Chris nicely cuz his plate is full. So be there and make me happy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Result's for Time Trial #1 in the series

I was impressed with the number of racers who in spite of 25+mph gusting winds and wind chill factors, came out to test the time trial course for the first of the season. 30 in total; I count myself as a single rider since racing the tandem takes two not one!
Average race times for the course were affected by the winds as well as temps. Looking back at last years first TT, I see that times were very similar. Looks like we need to get back in the swing of things and you can't do it without showing up. ;-)
A couple of thank yous; Mark Guthart for helping me with this series and procuring the Sheriff at the turnaround. Thanks to Jason "Poncho" Teggatz, for his ongoing commitment to keep us going and to make me smile. A thanks to all of our sponsors, who make winning fun and drinking easy. That would be: Geoffs Bike & Ski, BlueBird Diner, New Pioneer Co-op (a special thanks to my coworkers in the pastry dept. for the delish chocolate mousse cupcakes!!!) Cafe del Sol roasting, and a new sponsor, Best Case Wines, for a "choose your wine" voucher that I know Geoff and Darcy will enjoy.

So here's the skinny:

Overall Results
23:16.20 - Paul Deninger (American Equity), Men 1/2/3
23:50.64 - Mark Sorenson (ICCC), Men 40+
23:59.45 - Jeff Barnes (ICCC), Men 1/2/3
24:21.50 - Rob McKillip (Goosetown Racing), Men 1/2/3
24:32.65 - John Stonebarger (), Men 40+
24:35.00 - Dan Galles (ICCC), Men Breakaway
25:41.72 - Chris/Monika Martin (ICCC), Tandem
25:42.69 - Kelly Knutson (), Men 40+
25:56.25 - Wayne Fett (Goosetown Racing), Men 40+
26:26.27 - Henning Gerke (ICCC), Men Breakaway
26:42.03 - Mark Beatty (Twisted Spokes), Men Breakaway
26:54.50 - Tobin Jacks (), Men 5
27:01.76 - Barry Carter (ICCC), Men 40+
27:13.38 - Karen Stierler (ICCC), Women 1/2/3
27:37.13 - Shawn Meaney (Goosetown Racing), Men 5
27:45.81 - Tim Kennel (Goosetown Racing), Men 4
28:24.07 - Tony Branch (Goosetown Racing), Men Breakaway
29:27.46 - Gary Henry (Goosetown Racing), Men Breakaway
29:33.00 - Cassandra Kessler (ICCC), Women 1/2/3
29:57.83 - Shauna Dudley (), Women 4
30:40.22 - Tara Coady (), Women 40+
30:45.59 - Darcy Sanford (ICCC), Women 1/2/3
31:50.82 - Tim Smith (), Men 5
31:57.76 - Tom Bertell (Unattached), Men Breakaway
32:38.00 - Nic Sabatke (), Men Breakaway
34:37.53 - Shea McConnell (ICCC), Women Breakaway
34:59.00 - Sara Swanson (ICCC), Women 40+
35:15.88 - Margo Abbott (), Women Breakaway
37:17.44 - Robin Hayward (ICCC), Women Breakaway

Men 1/2/3
23:16.20 - Paul Deninger (American Equity), Men 1/2/3
23:59.45 - Jeff Barnes (ICCC), Men 1/2/3
24:21.50 - Rob McKillip (Goosetown Racing), Men 1/2/3
Men 4
27:45.81 - Tim Kennel (Goosetown Racing), Men 4
Men 5
26:54.50 - Tobin Jacks (), Men 5
27:37.13 - Shawn Meaney (Goosetown Racing), Men 5
31:50.82 - Tim Smith (), Men 5
Men Breakaway
24:35.00 - Dan Galles (ICCC), Men Breakaway
26:26.27 - Henning Gerke (ICCC), Men Breakaway
26:42.03 - Mark Beatty (Twisted Spokes), Men Breakaway
28:24.07 - Tony Branch (Goosetown Racing), Men Breakaway
29:27.46 - Gary Henry (Goosetown Racing), Men Breakaway
31:57.76 - Tom Bertell (Unattached), Men Breakaway
32:38.00 - Nic Sabatke (Twisted Spokes), Men Breakaway
Men 40+
23:50.64 - Mark Sorenson (ICCC), Men 40+
24:32.65 - John Stonebarger (), Men 40+
25:42.69 - Kelly Knutson (), Men 40+
25:56.25 - Wayne Fett (Goosetown Racing), Men 40+
27:01.76 - Barry Carter (ICCC), Men 40+
Women 1/2/3
27:13.38 - Karen Stierler (ICCC), Women 1/2/3
29:33.00 - Cassandra Kessler (ICCC), Women 1/2/3

Women 4
29:57.83 - Shauna Dudley (), Women 4

Women Breakaway
30:45.59 - Darcy Sanford (ICCC), Women Breakaway
34:37.53 - Shea McConnell (ICCC), Women Breakaway
35:15.88 - Margo Abbott (ICCC), Women Breakaway
37:17.44 - Robin Hayward, (ICCC), Women Breakaway

Women 40+
30:40.22 - Tara Coady (), Women 40+
34:59.00 - Sara Swanson (ICCC), Women 40+
25:41.72 - Chris/Monika Martin (ICCC), Tandem

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Next Tuesday is the first race in the series

The road season is well underway. With spring in full bloom, it is time to tune up the TT bikes and try them out on the 10 mile Lone Tree course NEXT Tuesday. Yes, I have been a little slow to post on the blog, as life seems to be speeding along and I am trying desperately to catch up! Normally the trees are not even in bloom until the middle of April, so there is much to be done here at home and in my mind to prepare for the races.
The schedule of races for the 2012 season is impressive. There are many to choose from. In fact, four different Time Trial events per month in Iowa. I sincerely hope you will check out the one in Lone Tree. :-)
You can preregister if you want at USA Cycling, but really, at the park is OK too. I will gladly take checks, that way I don't have to make change.
I hope this fine weather stays with us and we don't go backwards. I can remember far too many races in the spring where we froze our bums off. Infact last years first TT was freezing cold with strong winds, as I recall. Think Summer....
until Later...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Road Season!

March winds are upon us already. Last year is in the books and the time has come to dust off our TT bikes and test our lungs and legs for another season!

My dates have been set for the TT's since November's IBRA meeting, and I am officially permitted to put on the series. A couple of new items this year; I have added online registration. If that is your preferred way of registering go to I will not give you a discount for the series if you pre-register for a couple of reasons. One, it only costs $10 to race, which is one of if not the lowest entry fee for any race around these parts. I barely break even at ten bucks. Second, I don't need any added confusion over who pays what. Just be glad I am putting on a race. ;-)

The other new thing is my dates are much more consistent. That is, every second Tuesday of the month, beginning in April and ending in August: April 10, May 8, June 12, July 10 and Aug. 14Th.

And for those of you who have not visited the IBRA's website here is a link:
This will keep you up to date on ALL of the racing in the the state of Iowa. Check it out.

I will also suggest that those of you who do 5-6 races a year, seriously consider obtaining a USAC licence for $60. The $10. one day licence makes the rediculously inexpensive ten dollar entry fee a twenty dollar fee. Think about it.

Well look for my flyers up around town soon. And stay tuned!