Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Next Tuesday is the first race in the series

The road season is well underway. With spring in full bloom, it is time to tune up the TT bikes and try them out on the 10 mile Lone Tree course NEXT Tuesday. Yes, I have been a little slow to post on the blog, as life seems to be speeding along and I am trying desperately to catch up! Normally the trees are not even in bloom until the middle of April, so there is much to be done here at home and in my mind to prepare for the races.
The schedule of races for the 2012 season is impressive. There are many to choose from. In fact, four different Time Trial events per month in Iowa. I sincerely hope you will check out the one in Lone Tree. :-)
You can preregister if you want at USA Cycling, but really, at the park is OK too. I will gladly take checks, that way I don't have to make change.
I hope this fine weather stays with us and we don't go backwards. I can remember far too many races in the spring where we froze our bums off. Infact last years first TT was freezing cold with strong winds, as I recall. Think Summer....
until Later...

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