Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Results from Time Trial #1

RUGGED. that's the best way to describe last nights conditions. Everyone who participated was a winner in my book. Those who showed up to brave the strong mix of chill and wind not only persevered, but I am guessing felt acomplished afterward.

Thanks to all who made me smile by showing up!

Here are your results:

21:54.00 - Paul Deninger, American Equity (Men 1/2/3)
23:18.88 - Mark Sorenson, Iowa City Cycling Club (Men 40+)
24:52.21 - Geoff Perrill/Darcy Sanford, Iowa City Cycling Club (Tandem)
24:58.02 - Wayne Fett, New Pioneer (Men 40+)
25:03.22 - Mark Beatty, Twisted Spokes ( Men Breakaway)
25:03.34 - Wes Hepker, Unattatched (Men 5)
26:22.87 - Karen Stierler, Iowa City Cycling Club (Women 4)
26:25.48 - Chris Martin/Monika Martin, Iowa City Cycling Club (Tandem)
26:26.37 - Barry Carter, Iowa City Cycling Club (Men 40+)
27:09.02 - Todd Papke, Unattatched (Men 40+)
27:12.75 - Tim Kennel, New Pioneer (Men Breakaway)
27:21.56 - Mark Considine, New Pioneer (Men 40+)
27:25.52 - Kim West/Sue Cook, Zealous Racing (Tandem)
27:30.97 - Henning Gerke, Iowa City Cycling Club (Men Breakaway)
27:54.59 - Tobin Jacks, Unattatched (Men 5)
28:25.81 - Ed LaGrange, Unattatched, (Men 40+)
28:50.38 - Jennifer Parker, Iowa City Cycling Club (Women 4)
29:11.28 - Cassandra Kessler, Iowa City Cycling Club ( Women 1/2/3)
29:35.03 - Darien Nagle-Gamm, Iowa City Cycling Club (Women Breakaway)
30:07.03 - Shauna Dudley, Unattatched (Women 4)
31:58.19 - Todd Brown, HBA Racing (Men 5)
35:39.26 - Susan Sorenson, Unattatched, (Women 40+)
DNF - Rob McKillip, New Pioneer (Men 4)

Next race is May 24th. Please Check this blog periodically for updates.

Good Job Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today's race is on!

Looks like the weather forecast has improved. Only a 10% chance of showers at 5:30pm with temps in the 50's. While windy now, winds are forecasted to diminish after 5:00pm. Lets hope the wind drys the roads!

see you this evening!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Time trial #UNO TOMORROW, April 26th!

We will go with whatever comes our way for tomorrow's time trial. The first of five, It should be fun, no matter. I am confident that the conditions will be FAR improved over last Tuesday.

Here are some reminders:

Registration is ON-SITE, and begins at 5:30, and closes promptly at 6:15!! If you think you might be running late, pre fill out a event release form,
and write a check payable to Monika's Time Trial Series for $10.00 (if you have a USAC licence) otherwise you will need to fill out a ONE DAY form, which costs an additional $10.00

Registration is at Dougherty Park on the South end of Lone Tree. From there you will ride about 2 miles south on Wapsi Ave. Then right on 660th. about 40 yards from that corner is the start. First rider will be off at 6:30.

We will have refreshments post ride while we wait for our official results.

I know that 50 degrees and showers are not ideal, but chances for rain drop at 6:00pm to 30%, so hopefully all we will have to contend with is wet roads. Don't ya just love spring racing! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We will will have time trial # 1, rescheduled for next Tuesday, April 26th. Please help me spread the word, and hopefully even if it does rain, it will not be accompanied by thunder, wind and 37 degree temps!

All other info remains the same, same time same channel.

Hope to race with you then.

Todays Time Trial Cancelled due to horrible conditions

I waited until this morning to cancel being optimistic that maybe weather conditions would be better than we all expected. It happened twice for us last year. Instead, the forecast is worse with a colder temperature, (37degrees) thunder and now a 80% chance of rain. I don't think too many folks want to go out in it, let alone race in it.

I will post again if we can arrange a postponed race date asap. My apologies to anyone who might of been bad ass enough to show up and race. But personally, I did not want to stand there at registration or have my volunteers and official endure the nastiness that unseasonal weather like this is bestowing upon us!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Details for Tomorrows Time Trial

Here are the details for all of you before tomorrows race. Course: 10 miles out and back, mostly flat with a very slight grade near the turn around. Rules: All USAC rules apply and a helmet is required at all times. The course is open to traffic and the centerline rule is always in effect, including warm up. Race is on RAIN or shine. :) Directions: From I-80 exit 239, south on 218 to highway 22 exit to Riverside Casino. East on Hwy 22 to Lone Tree, south on Wapsi Ave. into Lone Tree. Registration is at Dougherty Park on the south edge of Lone Tree. Registration: Registration opens at 5:30 and will close promptly at 6:15! On-site registration only. $10. all categories, no late fees. All non usac licensed racers will need to pay an additional $10. one day licence fee. Checks are accepted and encouraged! Categories: Mens's 123, Men's 4, Men's 5, Men's 40+, Women's 40+, Women's 4, Womens123, Women's & Men's breakaway, Junior's and Tandem. Dates for races: April 19, May 24, June 28, July 26, August 23. NEW this year: overall prizes for total time of four fastest rides after last race on the 23rd of August.

Rain or shine, cold or balmy, Race is on!