Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Results for the final Time Trial in the 2012 series

The last time trial in Monika's Summer Time Trial Series is now officially in the books.  As I reflect upon this year's races, personally, it has been filled with mixed emotions.  There have been many moments of pride as well as agony.  I say this because ( you may now indulge me to wax philosophical) it is an integral part of bike racing.  The fact that this series has now been going for three years is pride.  So many of you keep coming back every season, even if only for one of the five races! So here is where I THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR UNYIELDING SUPPORT. 

The agony part, well that gets more complicated.  As a promoter I spend a lot of personal time putting this together.  Seriously, I would rather be on a morning ride that sitting at this computer right now.  Finding sponsors,  well, I don't know of too many people who like to ask others for handouts.  Hopefully we will all be mindful and thank the sponsors who helped us out this season and encourage them to do it again.  Bluebird Diner/Bluebird cafeGeoff's Bike & SkiNew Pioneer Co-op, Cafe del Sol Roasting & Best Case Wines  who with their generosity,  let us know that they support what we do and what we are about.  I can't take that for granted.  So.. next time you go to "the Bird" to eat, tell John or Tommy, "we like what you do for cycling!"  Next time you go see Geoff to get your bike stuff, let him know, "We appreciate your commitment to support Grass-Roots racing."

For last nights Time Trial we had some very speedy times.  The weather was a factor, with temps in the low 80's and lighter winds than we have been experiencing lately.  Once again several racers obtained a personal record.  Most notably is a new course record by Jeff Barnes who brought it in at 21:22.95.  The last course record was set early on May 12, 2010 by Paul Deninger at 21:49.90.   Paul had a smoking time then and it took over two years to beat!
There were once again three tandem teams!  yeah Tandemonium!  Of course the "Eppens" time also beat the old course record, 21:29.38.  Kim/Brian, you never caught Rock, but not too shabby for having an injured Captain!  ;^)

Official RESULTS for August 14th, 2012

1. Jeff Barnes, 21:22.95 ICCC
2. Brian/Kim Eppen, 21:29.38  ICCC
3. Dan Schaffer, 22:25.41 ICCC
4. Mark Sorenson, 23:02.91 ICCC
5. Chris/Monika Martin, 23:09.56  ICCC
6. Wayne Fett, 23:41.28,  Goosetown/New Pi

7. Tobin Jacks, 24:07.88
8. Mike Merulla, 24:38.41 ICCC
9. Kelly Knutson, 24:49.78
10. Karen Stierler, 24:59.63 ICCC
11. Robert Piper/Lisa Hess, 25:28.28
12. Sarah Barber, 25:44.06  HBA

13. Rob McKillip, 26:44.63  Goosetown/New Pi  *see note
14. Tara Cody, 27:10.91
15. Paul Windschitl, 27:19.38
16. Tim Smith, 27:54.80
17. Burne Sippy, 28:16.98
18. John Burge, 28:22.63

19. Andrew Lidral, 28:39.45
20. Justin Torner, 30:47.23 ICCC
21. Todd Brown, 33.17.63 HBA *see note

* denotes racers using Pugsley style tires!

Men 123
Jeff Barnes, 21:22.95 ICCC

Men Masters 40/50+
Dan Schaffer, 22:25.41 ICCC
Mark Sorenson, 23:02.91 ICCC
Wayne Fett, 23:41.28, Goosetown/New Pi
Tobin Jacks, 24:07.88
Mike Merulla, 24:38.41 ICCC
Kelly Knutson, 24:49.78
Rob McKillip, 26:44.63 Goosetown/NewPi
Todd Brown, 33:17.63 HBA

Men 5
Paul Windschitl, 27:19.38
Tim Smith, 27:54.80
Burne Sippy, 28:16.98
Andrew Lidral, 28:39.45
Justin Torner, 30:47.23 ICCC

Men Breakaway
John Burge, 28:22.63

Women 123
Karen Stierler, 24:59.63, ICCC

Women Masters 40+
Tara Cody, 27:10.91

Women 4
Sarah Barber, 25:44.06, HBA

Brian/Kim Eppen, 21:29.38, ICCC
Chris/Monika Martin, 23:09.56, ICCC
Robert Piper/Lisa Hess, 25:28.28

Thanks to all and see you in April of 2013!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Final Time Trial of the 2012 Series is this Tuesday!

Here it is, the middle of August.
State TT Championship, over.
State RR Championship, in the books.
School begins again in a week.
Cross season is revving up it's motor.
And, yes, even I was seen at Active Endeavors, shopping for winter outerwear.  Can you say SKIING?

Nevertheless, MY SUMMER TIME TRIAL SERIES IS NOT OVER.  Of course there is the State Team Time Trials coming up on Sunday.  So, if you feel inclined to sharpen your brain, power your legs and test your lungs, or if you just want to come down for a few hours and have fun racing with friends, Tuesday August 14th our last TT.

For some reason something interesting always happens at the last TT, so lets hope it is a good something!

I want to feel positive about continuing this series next season, so please give me a sound reason, such as showing up and racing!

                                                   BE THERE!