Sunday, August 12, 2012

Final Time Trial of the 2012 Series is this Tuesday!

Here it is, the middle of August.
State TT Championship, over.
State RR Championship, in the books.
School begins again in a week.
Cross season is revving up it's motor.
And, yes, even I was seen at Active Endeavors, shopping for winter outerwear.  Can you say SKIING?

Nevertheless, MY SUMMER TIME TRIAL SERIES IS NOT OVER.  Of course there is the State Team Time Trials coming up on Sunday.  So, if you feel inclined to sharpen your brain, power your legs and test your lungs, or if you just want to come down for a few hours and have fun racing with friends, Tuesday August 14th our last TT.

For some reason something interesting always happens at the last TT, so lets hope it is a good something!

I want to feel positive about continuing this series next season, so please give me a sound reason, such as showing up and racing!

                                                   BE THERE!

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