Friday, May 18, 2012

Addenda for second Time Trial and other notes

It was brought to my attention, that the registrars at the last TT, did not place a rider in the "correct" category. Kelly Knutson was listed as Mens 5, and the correction is Mens 40+. We apologize for the oversight and will make every effort to place riders in their proper category. That said, I think communication on this is necessary.

When you come up to the table to register, at any race, please let the registrars know what category you will be racing in. If you don't have a clue, we will help place you in the legal category. ( That is; if you don't have a USAC licence, we will put you in the lowest race cat. because those are the rules.)

If you have pre-registered at the USAC website for the race you are attending, let the registrars know which category you signed up for. In small races like mine, Chamois time or Black Diamond TT for example, a printer copy of your preregistration form is very helpful. Unlike large races which have a computer data base at registration, we cant look you up, etc. That's the beauty of low key races. They are not fussy and we like it that way!

USAC has changed the rules about pre-registrants needing to sign a waiver on site. Sorry my team had a few of you go through the trouble of filling out yet another waiver, if you preregistered. Some times we forget these rules, because they frequently change. that is another reason a copy of your preregistration form can be helpful. When I compile results, I have a hard copy to refer to if there is a question.

I hope this answers some questions and clarify some issues. We really do our best to get everyone resisted correctly and results posted in a timely manner. Everyone doing this is volunteer and working hard to get you all out there racing. That's the whole point.

So next time you line up to register, please thank the person who took time out of their day so that you can do what you do.

thanks for indulging me.

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