Friday, April 2, 2010

Saying thanks...

Welcome again,

Just a few new things to note . We are fortunate to include a few more new supporters/sponsors to this race event.

Harriet from the LEAF kitchen will bestow home made goodies upon us. 30th Century Bicycle has also come forward to help us out. Steve and Cody you ROCK! And....Q7 Cycling is also a sponsor. How good is that?

Thanks so much everyone. Please throw some business thier way as they are generous to us racers!

On another note; Chris & I were discussing the series yesterday while enjoying great weather on our deck. Some have inquired as to why only 10 miles for the length of the race. I believe it is a good midweek length for training. However, you can always race it twice. Keep in mind that there will be two entry fees if this is your choice. You could mix it up and race once with your Road bike and then with the TT bike. We do have a breakaway catagory. How punishing is that? ;)

Talk to you soon,


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