Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Results and notes from time trial two

I was glad that the title of my series actually matched the weather conditions yesterday.  Monika's Summer Time Trial Series, needs to be accurately descriptive. 87 degrees seems summer like to me! Last month we had a lot of wind to contend with, as we did last night.  I am guessing once again between 15 and 20 mph.  Mostly crosswind so no real relief until the final mile stretch.
Twenty six racers attended.  Maybe everyone else decided to do the group rides.  We did have some new faces, including a junior.  I really like that. :^)
The  race times seemed fairly consistent with last months.  We did have an almost tied time, between Mark Sorenson and Greg Duethman (who both decided to do the TT instead of the group ride)  I like that too.  So that's why split seconds are the deciding factor in time trials. That's also why you don't leave the start line a second early!   Not the first time to happen nor the last...

Results for Time Trial #2

Men 1/2/3
Paul Deninger  Velo Sport  22:14.20
Mario Czarnomski  ICCC  23:01
Rob McKillip  Goosetown/New Pi.  24:25.28

Men Masters 40+
Mark Sorenson  ICCC  22:53.38
Greg Duethman ICCC  22:53.91
Henning Gerke ICCC  23:24.84
John Stonebarger  Goosetown/New Pi.  23:48.88
Wayne Fett  Goosetown / New Pi.  24:21.63
Tobin Jacks  25:24.16
Barry Carter  ICCC  25:50.23
Mike Merulla  ICCC  27:41.38
Todd Papke  27:59.28
Matt Hartman  Goosetown/New Pi  28:42.48

Men Breakaway 
Josh Cramer  26:49.88
Andrew Lidral   28:02.41
Wes Hepker  28:45.53
John Burge  HBA  31:32.34
Joe Pyle   31:47.13
David Farber  34:36.95

Mens 4/5
Todd Brown  HBA  30:50.70
James Mulherin. 34:50.09

Women's 4
Sarah Barber  HBA  27:40.41
Shawna Dudley  28:35.63

Women Masters 40+
Tara Coady  Goosetown /New Pi.  28:32.06

Isaac Pyle  42:37.73


1. Paul Deninger  22:14.20
2. Mark Sorenson  22:53.38
3. Greg Duethman  22:53.91
4. Mario Czarnomski  23:01
5. Henning Gerke  23:24.84
6. John Stonebarger 23:48.88
7. Wayne Fett 24:21.63
8. Rob McKillip 24:25.28
9. Tobin Jacks 25:24.16
10. Barry Carter 25:50.23
11. Martin's 26:15.53   (Tandem)
12. Josh Cramer 26:49.88
13. Sarah Barber 27:40.41
14. Mike Merulla 27:41.38
15. Todd Papke 27:59.28
16. Andrew Lidral 28:02.41
17. Tara Coady 28:32.06
18. Shawna Dudley 28:35.63
19. Matt Hartman 28:42.48
20. Wes Hepker 28:45.53
21. Todd Brown 30:50.70
22. Joe Pyle 31:47.13
23. David Farber 34:36.95
24. James Mulherin 34:50.09
25. Isaac Pyle 42:37.73

A BIG thanks to all and great job in the wind everyone!
MARK YOUR CALENDARS  for June 11th the third in the series.  Pleas come to The Black Diamond Time Trial which is this SUNDAY morning the 19th,  go to for details!!

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