Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Results from time trial #4

So I admit, I was worried.  Worried that my attendance would be low due to the approaching thunder storm. Worried that the rain would stop, then start back up at 6:30 as predicted.  Worried that I would have to cancel and reschedule, which any race director will tell you involves much more than picking a new date.
None of that happened. 
This is what did:
Attendance was about average.  The sunny sun came out so humidity went way up.  The wind stopped and the heat index was just what we expect for July.  So the show went on.  Chris and I were excited to find a last minute volunteer for the turnaround (Thanks Gary Henry!!!) so that we could race.  But then, as I was kitting up, I noticed that bike shoes were missing. 

Here are the times for those who got the opportunity to sweat.

Men 1/2/3/
Rob McKillip  New Pioneer/Goosetown  24:51.92

Masters Men
Henning Gerke  ICCC 22:14.42
Dan Shaffer  ICCC 22:34.56
Matt Hartman  New Pioneer/Goosetown  23:52.20
Wayne Fett  New Pioneer/Goosetown  24:03.10
Barry Carter ICCC  24:17.38
Mark Constintine  New Pioneer/Goosetown  24:50.31
Tobin Jacks  24:51.74
Mike Merulla  ICCC  25:08.81

Men 4/5
Lucas Llado  Iowa Heat  23:59.60
Paul Windschitl  27:27.67
Yigit Aytic  27:48.27

Men Breakaway
Mark Beatty  Twisted Spokes  25:04.85
Steve Hanson  New Pioneer/Goosetown  26:13.31
John Burge HBA  28:17.87

Women 1/2/3
Karen Stierler  ICCC 26:32.25

Masters Women
Tara Coady  New Pioneer/Goosetown  26:57.17

Women 4
Shauna Dudley  27:39.77

Women Breakaway
Sarah Barber  HBA  27:29.35
Kirschen Seah  34:55.92

Alijah Beatty  ICCC  31:48.92

Thanks to all who came to play.  Welcome back Karen Stierler!
Please help me spread the word about my Time Trial Series.  Triathletes are encouraged and welcome.  Juniors are our future, so please encourage them as well! There are more Time Trials left on the schedule so go on...suffar  :)

Here are the remaining Time Trials on the local USAC list:
Elkhart Time Trial Series;  This Thursday  July 11th
Blues & BBQ Race weekend, Clear Lake;  Saturday July 13
Iowa Games Time Trial;  Friday July 19
Black Diamond Time Trial Series;  Sunday July 28
Iowa State Time Trial Championships;  Sunday August 4
Elkhart Time Trial Series; Thursday August 8
Monika's Summer Time Trial Series;  Tuesday August 13
Iowa State Team Time Trial;  Sunday August 18



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