Monday, August 11, 2014

Course conditions for my Time Trial tomorrow

This morning I went to check my course after receiving an e-mail about fresh chip seal on several straightaways.  I like to check these things as close to the race date as possible since one year I went over on the weekend to inspect and all was fine. The very next day, which was the Monday before the race,  they had laid down chip seal in several corners.  In that case I had to cut the race short by several miles.

What I found Today was exactly this:  Five stretches of seal coat on anywhere from 100 feet to 200 feet of road.  Three were on the first straightaway after the sweeping corner at the start.  Those were approximately 100-150 ft. in length.  After mile 3, there are two fairly long stretches, one on a small hill.  I am guessing they laid this stuff either Friday or Saturday.  It has not seen a lot of vehicle traffic over it, which is why it is still fairly loose.  There is NONE in any of the corners.

This is where I am at with this right now.  I think it would be fine if you didn't mind maybe selecting a different bike for the race, if you feel uncomfortable riding on peat gravel.  I agree with a few that a time trial bike may not be optimal for these conditions.  Quite frankly I am still on the fence as to whether it should be rescheduled or not. 

I will see if I can so please stay tuned.  either way I will announce on Bike Iowa, here and the ICCC website.

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