Friday, July 9, 2010

TIme Trial Time this Tuesday the 13th!!

Since I don't put the races on the same Tuesday every month, the next one is only a few days away. A lot of you will be travelling over to Clear Lake this weekend to do some fun racing. So I would like to remind everyone that the next race is coming up swiftly so it does not get forgotten in the excitement of the weekend.
This one will be very special. I will not falter on my original idea of discounting seniors. Five bucks will get you in if you are over 50. Proof of age required ;) It is my birthday gift to you.

Also...plan on joining Chris & I for some pizza and beverage post race, at the Sanctuary Pub. If you don't see yourself riding 10 miles as fast as you can, it's 'ok', come on down anyway. Since Chris & I run the show, we will probibly be the last to get there, so prepare a spot for us.

Other race details will be found in previous blog posts or visit ICCC's website.

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