Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Updates for todays time trial

If you did not get an opportunity to view my last post on bike Iowa, here is some important news. We are shortening the course due to very fresh chip seal on the last 90 degree turn before the five mile turnaround. it is too long of a stretch to sweep, and is deep to safely maneuver though. The course for today will be 6.8 mile in length. There is a short section of seal coat at about the 2 mile mark but this one is less hazardous, as it is on a straightaway. You should be aware that it exists however!

I have been closely following the weather for today. It looks like we will be fine up until around 5:00 pm. After that ther is a prediction of 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms. IF it is clear at registration/warm up time, we will proceed. If we do indeed get hit with the moving cell, I may call the race at that time. We will be there if it looks fine at the start. Hopefully it will miss us for once!

My cell phone is 319-936-7744 and I will try and keep you updated as best as I can. Cross your fingers!

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