Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 Monika's Summer Time Trial Series

Welcome to a new year of racing!

Race Dates: 4/19, 5/24, 6/28, 7/26, 8/23. Five total.

Just wanted to touch base with all of you on whats new and what's old for my series this 2011 season.

Some of the sponsors from last year will be bestowing goodies again this year; namely Geoff's Bike and Ski, IC. and Bluebird Diner on Market Street in Iowa City. Thanks to both businesses for asking me if they could help before I could ask them!

I am still working on sprucing my flyer and getting the routine info out to all of you, so please have patience with me, as I do have Mom duties that always call. :)

The course will remain the same, registration originating at the park at the far side of town in Lone Tree, beginning at 5:30. I encourage you to pre-fill out your forms prior to coming if you can . These forms can be found on the USAC website. Makes life much easier for Chris & I. Remember... we race this event too!

Cost is $10.00 per race (on site only) and a one day licence is an additional ten bucks. Checks accepted and encouraged.

Course is 10 miles total, out and back. Route is PAINSTAKINGLY marked. :)

Categories are: Men's & Women's Cat. 1/2/3, Men's & Women's Cat. 4, Men's & Women's Breakaway, Men's Cat. 5, Men's & Women's Masters 40+, Tandem and Juniors.

Lots of categories. New for this year is: An overall winner for the series for EACH category. You must race at least two races to qualify. I will take all of your finish times and throw out the slowest, then the average will be your final time for the series. We will try that out .

Also I will offer a Women's 40+ category. For all the times I have complained that it's just not fair to race against my "daughters", I feel I need to "put the money where my mouth is".

I am still working on finalizing prizes, but I know one of the big ones will be a TT helmet from Geoff's. Thanks Mr. Perrill! No Hed wheels here guys, sorry. :(

I will ensure that you all get a nice prize of beer, baked goods and maybe some schwag.

The first race is less than a month away; APRIL 19Th. Please help me s p r e a d the word! Time Trials seem to be plentiful this season, there is The Black Diamond TT thru ICCC, and Mr. Barry Carter and the ever popular Elkart series, now comes the DesMoines TT held the 4Th Thursday of the month, and my friend Conn Day is BACK with a TT every Thursday.

Race em all! what the heck.

Any questions and suggestions, please contact myself, Monika Martin, your race director, at or here on this blog, or through the ICCC website.

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