Thursday, June 23, 2011


Please note the word SUMMER in the name of the series. Honestly, I have had enough of the rainy, cloudy, otherwise unseasonable weather. Lets put our positive thoughts together and make next Tuesday, the 28th, have the finest weather so that I can be happy with a nice showing at number three in the time trial series.

Some notes for all who came to my blog to visit. :) Thanks, and..leave me a note, OK?

Whas sup??
June and July 's dates are the last Tuesday of the month. #5 in August falls on the 4th Tuesday of the month, not the last. Confused?

So far we have had two races. One postponed due to extreme conditions, and another threatening to be extreme. I will do my best to give you stats from the overall series leaders, however please note that most participants, thus far, have only done one of the two races. I will make a note in parentheses, as to whether this was an average for two races or just a time for one.
If you have raced in more than one category; ie. Men's cat 5, then next month Men's 40+, that's fine , but know that when I compile results for the series winners, I will place you in the higher category. This also applies to those who have upgraded to a higher category midstream.

After TT #1 & #2:
men 123, Paul Denninger (1) takes the fastest time thus far 21:54
men 40+ Mark Sorenson (2) 22:79, and Wayne Fett (2) falls into second with 24:03
men cat.4 Rob McKillip (2) 23:07
men cat.5 Wes Hepker (1) has the time of 25:03 to beat
men breakaway Mark Beatty (1) is in first with 25:03, Tim Kennel (1) stands second 27:12

wmns 123, Karen Stierler(1) 26:22, Cassandra Kessler(1) 29.11
wmns 40+, Susan Sorenson (1) 35:39
wmns cat.4, JenniferParker (1) 28.50, Shauna Dudley (2) 29:82 lands second.
wmns breakaway, Darien Nagel-Gamm(1) 29:35

team of Geoff Perrill/Darcy Sanford(1) 24:52
Chris & Monika Martin (2) 25:32
Kim West/Sue Cook (2) 26:41 thanks for treking up for both!

an interesting fact: Most riders who did both races improved their time by over a minute!

I hope to post a standing
for every racer who participated, chart style, after Tuesday's race. I did not forget about the rest of you! :)

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