Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last time trial for this race season & other info.

A few notes:

I will be bringing along series results that have been compiled thus far. I few things i needed to change since our attendance for the series did not allow me to use more that two race times to compile overall standings. Most riders have only come to two or three races at the most, and some may not attend tonight's race. Given the situation, I will average the race times for the leaders of each category and that will determine the winners. Those names will then be put into a hat and the winner will be drawn for the prize from Geoff's Bike & Ski which is a time trial helmet from Specialized. The winner can then go to Geoff's and order the correct size and choice of color. We just did not get enough sponsors to get a prize for each category. We did not get enough riders to use race funds for a cash prize either.

I would love to hear from you as to whether you think we should continue the series next season. If there is a consensus that we need another Time trial series, then i will consider doing this again. It takes a lot of personal time and sweat equity to put on races. Frankly, I was hoping more racers would give it a try. If you don't, grass roots racing will go away. The excuse i heard the most was "I don't do time trials" well I hate road races and I do them anyway. It is good practice.

So i am done with my speech and hope those of you that hate time trials and or "they won't help my training" will try it on for size.

Thanks and see you tonight.


  1. I love time trials!! I'm sorry I only made it to one. It's just hard to get to them sometimes. Life gets in the way. One issue for me is that they conflicted sometimes (I think?) with the Night at the Oval races. Still I wish I had went to more. They are great. You deserve a lot of credit for putting them on. I'll try to get to more next year if they happen again. They are such good workouts in that they force me to go faster than I otherwise would on my own.

    I like the Chamois races and made it only one of those this summer too. And a couple Night at the Oval races and a couple of Conn Day time trials. That's about all I could fit in.

    I wonder if all these race series could kind of conference call and coordinate schedules somehow. If that would help. Dunno. I like all the races so try to do all of them, which means I don't do many of any of them. :-(

    As a RD myself, I understand the work it takes. Thanks again!

  2. I enjoyed the one night I was able to make this summer, and I am definitely hoping to make more next season. I know my wife enjoyed them a LOT. We are both just getting into cycling, but I think we'll make more of these if you do it next year.

    Tom J (husband of Shauna)