Thursday, August 25, 2011

Results are here for the final time trial in the series

Balmy and breezy typical Iowa weather in August brought 21 racers to hammer out the ten mile time trial course in the lonely town of Lone Tree. This is also the time of year for putting down chip seal. We had some of that on our straightaways, which may have affected some riders finish times. Chris and I did spend a good deal of time carefully sweeping the corners on Monday evening, and we were glad that all kept rubber side down. We did however run into a problem with a motorist hauling a trailer who decided he did not want us on "his road" and buzzed as many of the riders as possible. Thanks to Mark Sorenson who telephoned the county sheriff and Larry Howe who obtained this guys licence plate number. Interestingly, last years final TT had someone run down a number of our signs, as well as calling the sheriff to report that there were bikes taking up the whole road.

On another note: Congrats to Shawna Dudley who won the drawing for the Specialized time trial helmet! You will go fast with it ...go girl!

our results for Time Trial #5 are:

By Category:

Men 1/2/3 Overall:
1. Dan Schaffer, ICCC 22:56.11 2

Men 40+
1. Greg Deuthman, ICCC 22:11.18 1
2. Mark Sorenson, ICCC 23:03.10 3
3. John Stonebarger, unatt. 23:07.50 4
4. Wayne Fett, New Pi. 23:24.34 6
5. Bob Hayes, Harpers 27:54.91 15

Men 4
1. Rob McKillip, New Pi. 23:19.74 5
2. John Burkle, Atlas 24:21.10 8

Men 5
1. Tobin Jacks, unatt. 25:49.53 10
2. Shawn Meaney, unatt. 26:33.66 11
3. Todd Brown, HBA 27:13.80 12
4. Mark Reynolds, unatt. 27:26.88 13
5. Paul Windschtil, unatt. 28:08.06 16
6. Tim Smith, unatt. 28:17.38 17
7. Nic Sabatke, unatt. 30:25.34 19

Women 1/2/3
1. Karen Stierler, ICCC 24:44.43 9

Women 4
1. Shawna Dudley, unatt. 27:32.37 14

Women 40+
1. Susan Sorenson, unatt. 33:01.87 21

Women Breakaway
1. Angi Staley, unatt. 29:54.71 18
2. Tara Coady, unatt. 31:25.20 20

1. Chris & Monika Martin, ICCC 23:35.65 7

Thanks to each and everyone of you who came out to race this season!
Special thanks goes to our wonderful sponsors who came though even in the tough economy! New Pioneer Co-op, Geoffs Bike & Ski, Cafe del Sol Roasting, Bluebird Diner.

I hope to do it again next year, but i would like to hear from you your thoughts etc.


your race director, Monika. :)

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  1. I had a BALL racing with everyone this year, Monika. As a newbie, I was glad to absorb all the wisdom I could from the experienced racers. The race distance was excellent training for sprint tri's, and TT'ing made me a better triathlete, no question. I can't wait to pick up my helmet! Thanks, Geoff's! Thanks for the beer, New Pi! Thanks for all your hard work, Monika!